You may think you know the real story behind the death of Michael Jackson. Harvey Levin would beg to differ. The head honcho of TMZ talked to Deco about the upcoming Fox special that blows the cover off of MJ’s death.

Get ready for one wild ride.

We might have thought Michael Jackson would always be there, amazing us with his tremendous live performances.

When Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was convicted in the death of the singer, the case was closed or so we thought.

Harvey Levin’s new special, “TMZ Investigates: Who really killed Michael Jackson”, shines a light on the people allegedly responsible for his demise.

Harvey Levin: “There were a lot of people who have never had a reckoning over his death, and that’s what we get into. That’s what we focus on.”

According to Harvey, the special’s been long overdue.

Harvey Levin: “We broke the story of Michael Jackson’s death and followed it for a long time, and there were things about this for us that never sat right.”

Maybe the biggest thing was believing only one doctor was responsible for Michael’s drug use.

Harvey Levin: “To say Conrad Murray is the beginning and end of his story simply isn’t true, and that’s not just us saying it. that’s the detective who arrested … Conrad Murray. We knew that there were multiple doctors doing, what doctor Murray had done and that they had done it over the course of years.”

The special makes sure to point out the singer wasn’t an innocent party in all this.

Harvey Levin: “Michael was gonna get what he wanted, and if you said no he would find somebody who would do it for him.”

We get to hear from those closest to Michael, like ex-wife Debbie Rowe, who worked for one of his doctors.

Debbie Rowe: “People died. In some way, I was a part of it. Give me a minute.”

Conrad Murray gets to tell his side of the story.

Conrad Murray: “Michael Jackson was a drug addict, and he was a master at manipulation because I was manipulated by Michael.”

“TMZ Investigates: Who really killed Michael Jackson” premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Channel 7.

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