Country music is hot right now. So hot, country stars own the top three spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Hoping to also be on top are these two hotties, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley, which is why they’re dropping new tunes.

Tim McGraw, singing: “When i die, there’s standing room only, standing room only.”

Tim McGraw and his big cowboy hat just dropped “Standing Room Only,” and he’s tugging at the heartstrings.

Tim McGraw: “I wanted this music on this album sorta to reflect life in general, be life-affirming and positive, and like I said, it all sort of formulated during what we were going through and as we were coming out out of it and getting our feet back under us.”

Tim McGraw, singing: “Standing there soaking wet.”

Tim McGraw: “The junkyard with the cars, to me, represents shedding of the past, shedding the grudges.”

The new single is off his new album of the same name that comes out Aug. 25.

Tim McGraw: “There’s some fun stuff on there, some uptempo stuff on there, but even, I think, the uptempo things have a great message to ’em, a great positive message to ’em, and that’s what I really wanted this album to be about.”

Tim McGraw, singing: “Start forgiving and start forgetting. Be somebody that’s worth remembering.”

Tim will be rounding up fans for a tour next year, and he couldn’t be more excited.

Tim McGraw: “Well, there’s nothing like playing live. I love it; I love being on stage with my band. Your ultimate goal is to be out on stage in front of everybody and get that instant gratification and that energy that you get when you are performing in front of a crowd.”

He’s kicking it off in Jacksonville, and that’s as close as he’s getting to South Florida.

Brad Paisley, singing: “You only get so many summers.”

Another country star with a new song is Brad Paisley.

“So Many Summers” is the second teaser single from his upcoming album “Son of the Mountains.”

And his inspiration?

Brad Paisley: “For me, it’s words. It’s like I – sometimes, I’ll have a great melody or something and say, ‘Well, what goes with that?’ But most of the time, I have a hook.”

For Brad, making hits starts with…

Brad Paisley: “Country music is about the song. I wrote most of my hits, but there’s some I didn’t. Anybody with those exact songs is probably a bigger star than me. I feel like it’s always about what you’re saying.”

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