TikTok has been all the rage since that Kesha hit in 2009. You know, “Wake in the morning feeling P-Diddy.” No, Shireen, that’s a different TikTok.
We’re talking about the app, and I’m talking with one of its kings: Florida native Michael Le. The dancer and entrepreneur is building an empire and totally cringing over his millennial interviewer.

Want to break through on TikTok? And with….

Michael Le: “Ugh, I’d say about 75 to 80 … mil.”

That’s million followers across all platforms?

Michael Le: “I’ve got to hit 100 mil.”

Easy! Yeah, no. It’s not, and neither was it for all the celebs he’s collabing with.

Alex Miranda: “You’ve got, like, Iggy Azalea.”

But if there’s anyone to ask for advice from, it’s viral dancing superstar Michael Le, or “justmaiko.”

Michael Le: “Everyone has something that works for them that may not work for something else, so it’s really hard to replicate something, right? You have something about yourself that can resonate with you, but it’s really just trial and error.”

Who grew up in West Palm Beach, and we met at Eden Roc Miami Beach.

Michael Le: “I like to eat and take dance classes and just hanging with the friends and family.”

But graced the cover of Teen Vogue just last year, and that’s old news.

In 2022, he’s sitting pretty on Forbes’ top creators list.

Michael Le: “The last two years — it’s been a lot of prioritizing what I want to do.”

But often sharing the spotlight with his family.

Michael Le: “I feel like we’re a lot closer because of it.”

And now, us?

Alex Miranda: “I don’t want this to be like a cringe thing for you.”

Too late.

Alex Miranda: “Wait you go…”

Michael Le: “Well, just think of it.”

Alex Miranda: “Hahaha.”

First, we warmed up.

Michael Le: “And then switch, switch. And then step out.”

Alex Miranda: “It’s giving me Michael Jackson. When he does that he goes, ‘cha cha!’ like…”

Then, he taught me…

Michael Le: “You ever heard about getting sturdy? I hold like my pant leg, my shirt. You can hold your pant area, your belt. Your belt area. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kick, together, kick, together, kick, together. Kick, forward, kick, back. Five-six-seven-eight. One-two-three-four and double time, double time, double time.”

I’m so Gen Z now.

Alex Miranda: “That was lit. Bestie, I’m feeling dope a-f, yuh.”

Let’s move on.

Michael Le: “My heart lies in the future of tech.”

So much so, this year he launched Joystick, which…

Michael Le:” …is a gaming ecosystem where we’re going to teach anyone how to make money playing the games that they love.”

How about the games we play on the people we love?

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