We spend hours scrolling on TikTok looking for the latest viral video, sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re not.

But TikTok sensation, Julien Tshikuna, is taking his audience online and in person, along for a comedy ride.

The Uber driver turned his wheels into a full-on comedy-karaoke disco party, all for the sake of making others feel good!

It’s a ride like no other, whether it’s a few miles away or just around the corner.

Julien Tshikuna: “As soon as they get the mic they feel like a light is shining, you know? I shed light on them it’s their moment. “

A social media sensation, Julien Tshikuna aka ‘Bantuboy’, is driving his passengers to the destination: ‘Happiness’

Julien Tshikuna: “When everything was shut down and everybody’s home wondering what’s going to happen. I had to get creative, I was traveling because I lost my dad in 2019. I was in a place of sadness and questioning like everybody else.”

A few years ago, the up & coming LA comedian, who plays the Hollywood club circuit weekly, had to get creative to keep the lights on. Enter, uber.

Julien Tshikuna: “I was driving, and I was at the light and I was like what can I do, then boom light bulb, the next day I went to buy a microphone.I found this guy who showed me an LED light and I just thought it would be good to try.”

A star was born and we’re not just talking about all the singing, rapping, giggling and laughing.

Julien found his true calling, at least one of them.

Julien Tshikuna: “My standup it’s more like observational and storytelling in the sense that, I make fun of what it’s like being a black dude in Europe. “

As for his car rides, it all starts with the setup.

Julien Tshikuna: “As soon as you step in the car, I can feel your energy. From there I’m hosting, welcome on board, what’s up, whatcha been up to. What’s your musical request tonight because we’re vibing tonight and from there, I’m just creating the environment. Based off your musical request, now you don’t know yet, but you’re about to have a microphone in your hand in a minute.”

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