Back in the day, kids were scared of the Boogeyman. Now, the mysterious menace is having a frightening resurgence.

Stephen King’s short story “The Boogeyman” comes to life on the big screen. We caught up with the cast and crew to see if they’re afraid of the dark after working on this film.

The Harper family is dealing with a tough loss in “The Boogeyman.” That’s when a mysterious monster decides the kids are its next victims.

Chris Messina plays Will Harper, a widowed dad struggling to handle life without his wife while raising two daughters.

And he has his theories about what the Boogeyman really represents.

Chris Messina: “The Boogeyman, which is a really scary monster in this movie, is also all of the stuff that’s lurking inside of these people, and grief being the main component. How do they deal with grief? How do they not deal with grief?”

Vivien Lyra Blair takes on the role of Will’s youngest daughter, Sawyer, and she wants to make one thing clear: Her character is not a damsel in distress.

Vivien Lyra Blair: “From the first few scenes you see her as this scared little girl, but as you see her progress, she is a strong soul that is just trying to help her family, and nobody believes her.”

Her big sis, played by Sophie Thatcher, says her character’s struggles reminded her of her time back in school.

Sophie Thatcher: “Sadie felt like how I felt in high school. I felt very outcast and isolated, but that’s such a natural feeling for anyone in high school.”

Now the cast was divided on whether or not they liked horror films. However, they did agree on this…

Sophie Thatcher: “At the core of it, it was going to be about a family and their complicated dynamics.”

One thing’s for sure: you better keep the lights on after this movie.

“The Boogeyman” has crept into theaters in wide release.

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