Keep your friends close, but keep your French fries closer. Amen to that. There’s no “we” in fries, but there is an “I.” There’s a new SoFlo spot that’s serving up so many spuds, you won’t have to share. Of course, unless you wanna.

Chill out dude. At Mr. Fries Man in Pembroke Pines, there’s plenty of spuds to go around. Everyday is fry day at this popular West Coast chain that’s finally peeled its way to SoFlo.

Chiemmaly Hall: “We are the only location based here in Florida itself.”

The fry’s the limit, and here, it’s also the star of the show.

Chiemmaly Hall: “Usually French fries are a side dish, but for here, it’s the main dish.”

Think of it as a spud-tacular experience. After the fries come out of the fryer, you get to load ’em up anyway you want.

Chiemmaly Hall: “Instead of having it on the side, you have like the meats and the cheese and different kinds of sauces on the French fries itself.”

We’re talking everything from steak, shrimp, bacon, cheese, buffalo sauce, barbecue and more. Say no more, I’m sold. 

Theodore Tisdale Jr.: “It’s a change from the conventional. You don’t gotta deal with the everyday burgers and fries. Like, nah, you can keep your burger, just gimme my fries.”

Don’t wanna make the hard choices? Go with one of Mr. Fries Man’s specialties like the honey garlic steak and shrimp fries.

Chiemmaly Hall: “Honey garlic shrimp and steak over the fries with the cheese and the honey garlic sauce is gonna be like, a sweet and spicy sauce.”

Jaycie Thrasher: “With the garlic, it tastes kind of spicy, but I like it.”

And if you can’t make up your fry, I mean, mind, go with the fry box. This one comes with four different customer faves: barbecue bacon ranch chicken, buffalo chicken, lemon garlic shrimp and, of course, honey garlic shrimp and steak fries. Now that’s what I call tater-iffic.”

Giovanni Vergara: “Needless to say, like, you may not wanna eat the whole thing, but you’re gonna eat the whole thing. It tastes really good. Like it makes you feel good, like comfort food type of thing.”

Mr. Fries Man
10231 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33026

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