Kiki on the River Restaurant is using the river how it’s meant to be used … by letting you go with the flow on its custom-designed Kiki at Sea yacht. They want you to taste the yacht life — because someone has to live it.

Drake (singing): “Kiki, do you love me?”

Drake might have coined the question, “Kiki, do you love me?” But MIA’s Kiki on the River proves there’s love for Greek food on the water.

Caroline McDonald, Director of Events and Sales, Kiki on the River: “Kiki on the River is extremely well-known, not only because we really provide the essence of being in the Greek islands, but we also have one of the most famous parties. We have live entertainment, we have dancers.”

So why not move the Kiki way to the way of the sea?

Caroline McDonald: “Kiki at Sea is a very exciting project that we just came up with, because we really want to extend the experience from Kiki onto the water.”

You can lounge, party and say, “Aye aye, captain” on this 70-foot Montecarlo yacht.

Caroline McDonald: “You can charter the boat for 4, 6 and 8 hours. Our captain will make sure to take you to all the most amazing views. We’ll provide you also with a phenomenal tour, and our Stew will be waiting on you hand and foot with Champagne and delicious cuisine.”

You can custom select your food, from a tomato salad, octopus, to a Greek spread.

Plus dessert. But two chilled Champagne bottles always come with the deal.

Caroline McDonald: “All of our charters include water toys. Our goal during this charter is for you to really relax. And really receive exceptional experience.”

Yes, you can get all the angles inside the four cabins and bathrooms … or at the star bridge with a retractable roof. You know, in case you want to look up.

Loretta Alegria: “Oh, my God, it was such a great time being out at sea and having amazing food and Champagne, and being out with my girlfriends. We were dancing and girl talk and everything else that comes with a good time.”

Prices for a 4-hour cruise start at $5,000.

Kiki on the River
450 NW North River Drive
Miami, FL 33128

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