Kelly Rowland’s love life takes a turn for the worse in Mea Culpa. In the film, she’s a lawyer representing a murder suspect. We need Judge Judy to figure this one out, or maybe Alex Miranda, who has the story.

Kelly Rowland is showing off her acting chops in a new Netflix thriller and, to borrow a Destiny’s Child song titled Dangerously in Love, her characters more dangerously in lust, with emphasis on danger.

In Latin, mea culpa means, it was my fault.

But in Tyler Perry, mea culpa means more, like

Alex Miranda: Alright, Alright, we gotta start with Kelly. Kelly, have you seen an audience with this film before?

Kelly Rowland: No. And I’m mad. So bad.

Alex Miranda: “It was insane. We were all like Kelly, I mean, it was nuts.”

Kelly stars as Mea, a hotshot attorney who takes on one hell of a high-profile case.

Kelly Rowland: “She was just kind of a ballbuster but also had these moments of needing to be seen. She felt all of this energy with this new client. How could she resist that?”

Trevante Rhodes: “Just the natural process of things unfolds.”

Emphasis on HOT!

Kelly Rowland: “I was very uncomfortable at the beginning of this, as an erotic thriller. So, that title alone made me really nervous, to be completely transparent.”

The Destiny’s Child Star has nothing to be nervous about now, except for maybe adding Leading Lady to her resume.

Trevante Rhodes: “Everybody knows she’s this incredible singer and talent but she makes you believe every moment. The pain, the passion, the painting, you know, she made you believe every bit of it.”

Oh yeah. Attorney-client privilege takes on a whole new meaning when Mia’s body, becomes Zyair’s latest canvas — literally.

Alex Miranda: “I want to bring it to Art Basel in Miami because Mia gave Zyair a body painting revolution.”

Trevante Rhodes: “Yes. You mean like it was saltburn when they did the bathtub?

Alex Miranda: “Well, this is about to be that.”

Kelly Rowland: “Whatever paint one decides to use out there, make sure it’s one that’s easily washable.”

Trevante Rhodes: “I was blue for like two and a half.”

The artist is accused of killing his girlfriend, but nothing is as it seems, or maybe it is. Except for Trevante Rhodes’s sexiness. That is as it seems.

Kelly Rowland: “I had Trevante by my side, who came in and introduced himself as Zyair and I was like, ‘Oh, I gotta show up. I was.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, you were giving the characters a vibe already for the last test, right? I mean, there were things that you were saying we were all like, ‘Oh, oh, oh.”

Even off-screen.

Alex Miranda: “Is that natural to you? To give off this very, let’s call it.”

Kelly Rowland: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “Dominant.”

Trevante Rhodes: “Not as me.”

Alex Miranda: “So, a lot of the ladies in the audience were like, ‘Oh, good to know!'”

Kelly Rowland: “Right.”

Mea Culpa is streaming on ‘Netflix’ now.

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