In case you didn’t know, it’s Halloween season already, and Jungle Island on Watson Island is getting really creepy this year.

The Horrorland is back, and your nightmares will never be the same.

Jungle Island is getting scary. The Horroland has taken over with 15,000 square feet of devilish dens and lurid lairs.

Francisco Santos: “We actually integrate the park into the haunted houses, so we play with every little corner, and we took over the entire park. You gotta be prepared. People are going to jump out at you. People are going to be following you.”

Scared parkgoer: “That’s why I’m on that level. I’m entering every room like, ‘I see you! Do not approach!'”

Francisco Santos: “We have a Clown Palooza.”

Which is definitely in another disturbing dimension.

Scared parkgooer: “You don’t know what’s coming around the corner with 3-D glasses.”

Alex Miranda: “Gotta have creepy clowns! Like, it always works.”

Francisco Santos: “I love them.”

Alex Miranda: “A little popcorn, no fingers, please. Thank you.”

Francisco Santos: “We have a nun cathedral. We have a stranger house. There are many different things that we can play with.”

Like a chainsaw, perhaps?

And how about haunted Christmas?

Francisco Santos: “The image of Santa is so beautiful, but it’s so nice when a creepy Santa comes and chases you like, ‘You’ve been naughty this year!'”

Alex Miranda: “Can I sit on Santa’s lap?”

This North Pole, and its subtropical climate, is weird.

Alex Miranda: “I think you might want to put acupuncture on your Christmas list this year. It helps. It’s good. I’ve tried it before.”

Francisco’s favorite scary movie is…

Francisco Santos: “‘The Blair Witch Project.'”

Ad that’s one thing here that won’t surprise you.

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my, God!”

The most pleasant surprise for me, though: a coffin bar!

Francisco Santos: “Have a little Champagne or a couple of drinks.”

Alex Miranda: “Long week, right? Tell me about it.”

And if I didn’t know any better, this apparent dance-off with Leatherface … but certainly not this marriage proposal that came after.

Alex Miranda: “I play for the other team.”

Francisco: “Until October 31st, from Thursday to Sunday.”

Tickets start at $38 but will increase closer to Halloween.

Scared parkgoer: “Laugh it off the entire time. That’s what makes you get through it.”

The Horrorland Miami
Jungle Island
1111 Parrot Jungle Trail
Miami, FL 33132

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