Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends to eat, and even though you might want to kill some of them sometimes, we refrain, of course. We certainly don’t eat them, either, but we can’t say the same about a lunatic in the new Thanksgiving horror movie. Deco’s Alex Miranda has all the juicy and well-done details.

It’s true! In a world where movies seem to just rehash the same ideas over and over, a Thanksgiving-inspired killer Pilgrim is something new. As Gen Z would say, this psycho ate and left no crumbs.

Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm, yummy … but that doesn’t look like a turkey.

What’s cooking is the new scary Thanksgiving movie, “Thanksgiving.”

Eli Roth: “There was no Thanksgiving slasher film. Every holiday was taken.”

Alex Miranda: “And it lends itself so well.”

Eli Roth: “Yeah, it does.”

And director Eli Roth will promise you this.

Eli Roth: “This will be the most insane, bat[expletive] crazy, fun horror movie you have seen in the movies, probably since ‘Scream 1.’ It’s going to be the most fun you’ll ever have in the theater.”

Even better, this unhinged camp horror is actually based on his mock 2007 “Grindhouse” trailer.

Alex Miranda: “Fans have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.”

Eli Roth: “It was seeing the Black Friday trampling videos, there were these viral videos of people killing each other for waffle irons and TVs. We thought, ‘That’s it!'”

An axe-wielding Pilgrim maniac terrorizes the residents of Plymouth — yep, birthplace of the holiday.

Eli Roth: “I was 12 years old growing up in Massachusetts, so Thanksgiving is literally stuffed down your throat. So we were thinking like, ‘Oh, man. what if we threw someone in a butter churner, slowly killed them, and then roasted a human turkey?'”

Picking off victims one by one, these seemingly random revenge killings soon start adding up — to more than calories.

Eli Roth: “It’s about the commercialization of Christmas that just bleeds over, and that’s what happens now. I mean, literally November 1st, the day after Halloween, my phone starts blowing up, ‘Black Friday sale, Black Friday sale.’ There is no Thanksgiving anymore.”

But it’s OK, because McDreamy Patrick Dempsey stars. Aka reigning People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive?

Alex Miranda: “Do you dream about Parick Dempsey at night, the way that…

Eli Roth: “Many people do?” [laughs]

Alex Miranda: “Dream or nightmare, as long as he’s in there.”

Eli Roth: “Let me put it this way: he is McDreamy, but I wanted him to be McNightmarey.”

But does Eli buy all the fuss? Like, could his looks really kill?

Eli Roth: “I think he is sexy, but I do think Rick Hoffman from ‘Suits’ is a close second. And when you’re on set, it’s tough, because you’re almost blinded by his sexiness. As a director, it’s my job to just get past that.”

So what does the director of “Thanksgiving” love to eat most at Thanksgiving?

Eli Roth: “Sweet potatoes, and then I do like to have a human head with an apple in it — but only for display.”

But he says you might still have an appetite after watching. Maybe.

Eli Roth: “If you add too much gore. too much blood, too much scares, too much of any one ingredient, it overpowers it. It’s about finding that nice balance.”

“Thanksgiving” is now slaying at a theater near you.

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