Living on a prayer is easier said than done.

Unless you’re Bon Jovi, then you totally own it.

Deco’s dishing with the rock band about their upcoming documentary.

Bon Jovi: “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame.”

Rock on! The story of rock band Bon Jovi is coming to Hulu in a new four-part docuseries.

Jon Bon Jovi: “You’ve heard the story about people saying that they see their life go before them just before they pass. We have the benefit of being alive and well while these 40 years have just gone by in a blink of an eye.”

Tico Torres: “I was shocked of all the things I’ve forgotten. We’ve done so much in 40 years.”

Richie Sambora: “Are we telling the truth or are we gonna lie?”

“Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,” explores the band’s ups and downs. Like Richie Sambora leaving the group and Jon Bon Jovi’s vocal cord surgery and recovery.

Job Bon Jovi: “That’s why, for instance, we didn’t sit for one collective interview, so there was no kind of discussing ‘well you said this or I said this,’ this is your truth. Say it.”

Bon Jovi: “Whoa!”

It’s not just about the guys but about their music and lasting legacy.

Jon Bon Jovi: “Growing up in public from the time I was 21, so I’m now 62-years-old, we’ve had one record deal with the same company. Been having people come along on this journey, whether they got off, the ride, or got on the ride at different points is not our issue but the question is, ‘Were you honest?’ For no money in the world would I try to rewrite, “You Give Love a Bad Name”, it’s just not the thing to do at 62-years-old.”

Bon Jovi: “Got what I want ’cause I got what I need.”

Bon Jovi’s next album is called “Forever” but as far as touring goes.

Jon Bon Jovi: “Let me be clear, I can sing again. Our bar, as we call it, the bar that we have to hold up is that we want to be able to do the two and a half hours a night, four nights a week.”

Bon Jovi: “Logo with music and freeze before shot change.”

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