“Teen Wolf” fans were heartbroken when the show got killed off. That’s Werewolf for “not renewed.”

Six seasons is not enough of Tyler Posey and all their fang-biting fun … and now “Teen Wolf: The Movie” is here, with one big surprise that could change everything.

“Teen Wolf” fans, come take a bite out of this!

Tyler Posey (as Scott McCall): “Oh, hey! Allison! She’s alive?! She’s back.”

The cast is back for “Teen Wolf: The Movie,” after their hit TV show went off the air in 2017 and into the dark of night.

: “You have to find her and stop her.”

And oh, no! A terrifying evil has emerged! But can werewolf Scott McCall gather new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight back? Well…

Tyler Posey: “High school version of Scott would see adult Scott and be a little let down and kind of disappointed, you know? He’s kind of stepped away from the leadership role.”

Step it up, man, because this could be the deadliest and most powerful enemy yet — even worse than all of us aging over those five years!

Shelley Hennig: “It felt like no time has passed, but also so much time has passed.”

Holland Roden: “Yeah, it’s surreal.”

Shelley Hennig: “But, you know, it’s called ‘Geriatric Wolf’ now.”

They say it was like going back to an old school.

Tyler Posey: “Driving back into that lot, parking in my same spot, walking in, seeing all the old faces, through the moon. Over the moon?”

Howling at the moon?

Crystal Reed: “That let us have some freedom on set, and we felt safe, which is really needed for a subject matter this dark.”

Wait a minute. Didn’t Allison, played by Crystal Reed, die in Season 3?

Crystal Reed: “Jeff [Davis] asked me to come back and to play the baddie, and I could just not resist, so here I am.”

So Crystal is a baddie and question-dodging genius.

Crystal Reed: “Yes.”

But when asked what the younger version of her character would think about the current…

Crystal Reed: “I think she’d be proud of herself, truthfully. I don’t think she’s changed much, to be honest, and I think she knows that she would have made her mom proud, too.”

Do with that what you will.

Tyler Posey: “I think teenage Scott would be like, ‘Get off your ass, dude! Go do something! Go save somebody! Go fall in love! Go bring Allison back from the dead.'”

Side note: Can we talk about the return of Tyler Posey’s mustache?

Tyler Posey: “I’ve now had the opportunity to just go for it, and let it grow to its full potential, and I love it. I ride motorcycles, and I’m building a motorcycle right now, and it just felt right to be a grease monkey with this thing.”

Speaking of smokin’ hot, before the werewolves, vampires were all the rage, so what’s the next…

Alex Miranda: “Animal teen hybrid market that has not been tapped into yet?”

Shelley Hennig: “What’s next?”

Holland Roden: “The insurance Geico gecko.”

Alex Miranda: “Ha! Oh, my God!”

Shelley Hennig: “I’d watch that.”

Holland Roden: “I’d watch that.”

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” is now streaming on Paramount Plus.

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