I’ll take a bite of sushi anytime I can get my hands on some … and when you pair a great sushi dinner with one-of-a-kind shows, that’s a winning combination.

Sumo + Sushi are a match made in heaven, and you might feel like you’re in hell if you try stepping in the ring this weekend.

There’s dinner and a show. And then, there’s Sumo + Sushi.

Sam Minkoff: “Sumo is such an incredible concept, but it’s just so foreign to so many folks here in the States, that we wanted to make it approachable.”

At the Regatta Harbor Hangar in Coconut Grove through Sunday.

Sam Minkoff: “We do an exhibition-style round-robin tournament in the end. At the beginning of the event, you learn all about the history and culture of sumo.”

From some of the best.

Sam Minkoff: “Every single one of our athletes has professional sumo experience.”

Sam Minkoff: “Most importantly, we have Konishiki, who’s the first ever foreigner to reach the champion level of ōzeki in sumo.”

The second-highest rank.

Konishiki:” I could smash you in the face, and it’s happened many times. And I think people don’t understand that there are a lot of guys that have gotten paralyzed because of sumo.”

Alex Miranda: “I’m not doubting you at all; that’s what I thought it was always like.”

Konishiki: “No, no, but the thing is, people think it’s only for big guys. Grand champions, more than 80% of them are small.”

Alex Miranda: “Short kings. That’s what we call them.”

Short, tall, and come hungry.

Sam Minkoff: “Moshi Moshi is doing the bento boxes for the front row and sushi in the show, and guests can expect to see a variety of sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi and other Japanese cold and cooked dishes.”

Dinner tickets are $160, the front row is $300.

And, if your pocketbook can handle more…

Sam Minkoff: “There’s a VIP sky suite where you have your own dedicated sushi chef and open bar up there so you can hang out.”

That’s $400. But you can also just watch the show, without food, for $95.

Sam Minkoff: “You have the opportunity to ask questions to Konishiki and the wrestlers, so it’s a really cool way to get to know the sport and to see it in action.”

Unless you want to get in the ring, for an extra $200.

Sam Minkoff: “It makes for a very entertaining conclusion to the event, for sure.”

Alex Miranda: “Challenge accepted.”

Sam Minkoff: “If you’re having fun and going easy on the guys, the guys are going to go easy on you. Which is nontraditional, to say the least.”

Sam Minkoff: “Go!”

Alex Miranda: “Ahhh!”

Sam Minkoff: “You don’t really have the opportunity to do that in Japan.”

Sam Minkoff: “Come, Alex. Go!”

Alex Miranda: “No!”

Sam Minkoff: Come on, Miami Heat.”

Sam Minkoff: “And they do have to sign a waiver, which is very important.”

Alex Miranda: “Ahhh!! That’s a human merry-go-round, bro.”

Alex Miranda: “My lightweight and my shortness did not help me. You promised me that.”

Sumo + Sushi
June 9-11
The Hangar at Regatta Harbour
3385 Pan American Drive
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

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