Speaking of Steve Carell, he returns as that up-to-no-good Gru from the “Minions” franchise, but now we get to see how the whole mayhem got started in the new origin story.

I talked with Steve about “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” but somehow we got off on tangents about torture and killer puppies, so maybe he’s not so unlike his bad boy character.

Wila Ford walked so felonious Gru could run, or something like that, but in “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” Steve Carell voices the trouble maker who tries to join a group of super villains called the Vicious 6, after they oust their leader, but when the interview goes left, Gru and his minions go on the run. You following?

Steve Carell: “I mean, it’s quite simple. He meets these little yellow tater tot people. I don’t think every movie starts out that way, but I think it’s pretty conventional.”

The Vicious 6 are hot on their trails, but Gru luckily finds an unlikely source for guidance, former boss Wild Knuckles, but as far as how vicious Steve is…

Steve Carell: “I’ll come clean, sure. My mom would make cookies, and while they were calling, each of us would try to steal one or two extra cookies.”

…And that led him to a life of crime. Just kidding.

Steve Carell: “I bet my dad did that too.”

Although if he were more like his character, this is how he would do the most evil.

Steve Carell: “Polka. If you had to listen to it, you know, for 30 hours straight, that might do some psychological damage.”

I’m offended.

Steve Carell: “I’m going to get in a lot of trouble for that comment. I’m sorry.”

Alex Miranda: “The polka community is going to come after you, Steve.”

Steve Carell: “They’re going to be up in arms.”

Back to the movie. Gru discovers even bad guys need help from their friends. but Steve’s villain dream team would be more gold than yellow.

Steve Carell: “It would be a vicious group of people who love golden retrievers and play with each other, and they hatch their nefarious plans together.”

Alex Miranda: “I’m in this club, right?”

Steve Carell: “Yeah.”

After all, just like this TikTok says, the chances of being killed by a golden retriever are low, but never zero.

“Minions: The Rise of Gru” invades theaters this Friday.

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