The Kingsmen are back, and they’re as stylish as ever. The spy franchise has a new prequel, and the stars are looking fashionable as ever.

“The King’s Man” tells the backstory of the British spy agency, going all the way back to the First World War.

Harris Dickinson (as Conrad Oxford): “We must do something.”

Ralph Fiennes (as Orlando Oxford): “I know you want to fight, but there are other ways of doing your duty. You’re going to need a suit.”

The origins of the well-tailored spies are revealed in “The King’s Man.”

Ralph Fiennes (as Orlando Oxford): “We are the first independent intelligence agency. Preserving peace and protecting life.”

Gemma Arterton (as Polly): “Welcome to the club.”

Set in the opening years of World War I, an entirely new cast steps into the Savile Row shoes of the Kingsmen.

Gemma Arterton: “She sort of runs everything. Not only does she kind of run the household, but she also kind of keeps everyone in check. She is the kind of, you know, the glue, remotional glue, but also, she just keeps everything ticking along.

Djimon Hounsou: “Shola is an ex-warrior who befriended the Duke of Oxford in Africa and becomes instrumental in the formation of this independent secret agency.”

Harris Dickinson: “I play ‘Conrad. He’s the Marquis of Oxford, the son of Ralph Fiennes’ character, the Duke of Oxford. He’s like this young sort of idealist trying to join the military.”

Rhys Ifans: “Rasputin himself, regardless of this movie, is a figure that that that is larger than life and kind of looms over the Russian psyche then and now. You know, characters shrouded in mystery and rumor and gossip and myth.”

Of course, there’s plenty of action in “The King’s Man.” Catch the royal rumble in theaters now.

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