After the show, it’s the afterparty, and after the party, it’s a fun feature on Deco Drive!

The cast of the Apple TV Plus hit comedy series is back for Season 2, and they’re doing it in style at the show’s Los Angeles premiere.

Sam Richardson: “First season of ‘The Afterparty’ took place at a high school reunion where a group of people got together, had a party and somebody died, so this time, it happens at a wedding afterparty where the groom is killed, and everybody is trying to figure out who did it.”

Tiffany Haddish (as Danner): “Look who decided to call. Has there been another murder?”

Sam Richardson (as Aniq): “Huh! Ahh! Actually!”

Zach Woods: “I am Edga,r who is this tech scion/heir to a family fortune, and he gets killed, and the mystery ensues.”

John Cho: “I think the stakes become a little higher when you have two families merging, and the weddings are a stressful affair, and when things are stressful, they can get really funny.”

Tiffany Haddish (as Danner): “We got a dead body and a whole lot of people to talk to. What’s your name? You’re fine as hell.”

Paul Walter Hauser (as Travis): “Travis!”

Tiffany Haddish: “It’s fun, it’s really fun, and there’s always, like, a good banter and back and forth. It’s never a boring moment.”

Zoe Chao: “I feel like everyone takes turns being the villain and the hero.”

Poppy Liu: “I wouldn’t rule anyone out, everyone is incredibly suss. When you find out who it is, it’s jaw-dropping, it’s shocking; you almost don’t want to believe it.”

Elizabeth Perkins: “Even though it’s about a murder and it’s a mystery, all the characters are very relatable, so I was just thrilled to be a part of it.”

Ken Jeong: “As an actor, it was truly an honor. It was just a pure joy from beginning to end.”

Zach Woods: “‘The Afterparty’ is the most fun that murder can be.”

Sam Richardson (as Aniq): “Well, I think it’s pretty clear, we have got our guy.”

Tiffany Haddish (as Danner): “That’s not OK!”

Sam Richardson (as Aniq): “What did you say? You have got or not?”

Tiffany Haddish (as Danner): “Not.”

Sam Richardson (as Aniq): “What?!”

Season 2 of “The Afterparty” starts streaming on Apple TV Plus on July 12.

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