In the new season of “Star Trek: Discovery,” the threats to the universe are very real, and to find out what’s happening in Season 4, we turned to the stars.

Things are getting a little scary in the final frontier. The crew of the USS Discovery is dealing with a threat to the galaxy in the fourth season of Paramount+’s “Star Trek: Discovery.”

Season 4 finds Sonequa Martin-Green in the captain’s chair, which is a really big deal.

Sonequa Martin-Green: “To be at the helm of this franchise is huge to me, and then to be the first Black woman to be at the helm of it, and then to be the first Black woman sitting in that chair, I feel solidified, I feel cemented, I feel emboldened.”

Mary Wiseman and David Ajala say their characters are also growing a lot this season.

Mary Wiseman: “I think she’s getting closer and closer to the things she envisioned for herself. I think that’s going to actually pull ups a lot of questions about, like, who she is and what she wants.”

David Ajala: “This is the closest version of Book you see being integrated with Starfleet, and what’s lovely is how at peace he is with embracing the thought of being part of a bigger family.”

Anthony Rapp says the show is the best of both worlds because it finds a balance between fantasy and real character development.

Anthony Rapp: “If you’re in a certain kind of show, a certain kind of procedural show, maybe that doesn’t happen as much, but we are blessed that we get to do this adventure story that also has so much character growth, so it’s just a gift.”

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