New year, new me. A lot of people see the start of a new year as a time to clean up their act.

There’s a new show premiering Monday night on Fox that’s all about taking care of messes, but it’s much, much bigger than spilled wine or a dirty kitchen. Deco’s chatting with the stars of “The Cleaning Lady.”

Elodie Yung has a big, big mess on her hands in Fox’s new drama series.

The actress plays Thony, an undocumented Cambodian doctor who comes to the U.S. to get medical treatment for her sick son.

But she soon finds herself living a double life and cleaning up crime scenes. Whatever it takes to keep her family safe.

Elodie Yung: “This character has real inner strength, and this is what I really love about Thony, is this quiet resilience.”

Elodie tells Deco this may be the most excited she’s ever been about a project.

Elodie Yung: “Honestly, I think it’s the first time that I carry a project that I’m in so deep in my heart, and I think it shows in the scenes.”

Oliver Hudson plays an FBI agent who’s trying the bust the people Thony finds herself working with, but he swears this guy means well.

Oliver Hudson: “Can you trust this guy? In the beginning, yes, you think you can’t. Obviously, Thony does not think she can trust him, and neither does anyone else, but at the end of the day, he is trying to do good.”

Elodie and Oliver can’t wait for people to watch this show, but…

Oliver Hudson: “I don’t like to watch myself, so yeah.”

Elodie Yung: “It’s not all about you!”

Oliver Hudson: “I’m not sure I would watch myself because it makes me crazy.”

These two clearly had fun working together.

Oliver Hudson: “Took me out of scenes. I’m like supposed to be in the moment, but watching her being like, ‘Ooh, that was really good.’ She really went for it there, man.”

Elodie Yung: “Yeah, he’s lying. He’s never been out of any scene, and we’ve been – now, honestly, we’ve had a blast just being partners on this thing.”

And as for who they would call if they had a mess to clean up.

Elodie Yung: “My husband, and it’s very handy.”

Oliver Hudson: “I mean, I’m pretty much cleaning up the big messes.”

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