The world can’t get enough of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now Disney Plus is adding a new show to bring in more stories of your favorite MCU characters.

On Tuesday night, the stars of “Secret Invasion” geared up for the premiere of the series’ first episode at El Capitan Theatre.

But before you ask, no, no one was in a superhero costume. Just some bomb outfits that could make Nick Fury blush.

Don Cheadle (as James Rhodes): “What the hell is happening out there, Fury?”

Samuel L. Jackson (as Nick Fury): “An invasion is here, Rhodey.”

Don Cheadle (as James Rhodes): “And you know what invasions lead to, right? They lead to war.”

Samuel L. Jackson (as Nick Fury): “This war is one I have to fight … alone.”

Samuel L. Jackson: “You get to find out what he does when he goes home, or where he lives, some people from his past, what he did before he was ‘Nick Fury’ or he had super friends, the ordinary friends that he has, so you learn different things about him.”

Don Cheadle (as James Rhodes): “You are the most wanted man on the planet.”

Don Cheadle: “He’s much more political than we’ve seen him in the past. The soldier is still there, but he’s actually acting more as a politician, he’s sort of the president’s right-hand man.”

Dermot Mulroney: “Everyone put so much effort and a lot of heart into making this show. I had most of my scenes with Samuel L. Jackson and with Don Cheadle, so I’m so blessed to be here and to work with them.”

Cobie Smulders (as Maria Hill): “You always told me there is no shame in walking away when the steps are uncertain.”

Cobie Smulders: “You get to see sides of the characters that they didn’t have time for in the films, and I think that’s very evident in terms of Nick Fury, who is such a mysterious character, and we’re really getting to see, like, some of his emotions, some of his back story.”

Emilia Clarke (as G’iah): “You don’t know what they have planned for you.”

Emilia Clarke: “It’s just good on every level. You check all the boxes. The story is excellent, the characters are wonderful, and Sam and Ben together is just – you get to see them together, all the time, and it’s like every one of their scenes is just magic.”

Ben Mendelsohn (as Talos): “Since you’ve been gone, things have gotten much worse.”

Ben Mendelsohn: “It’s a very, very fun place to work. I think the connection with the fans, I think Brian and Louie, and co., they’re evil scheming geniuses, you know?”

Olivia Colman (as Secret Agent Sonya Falsworth): “Very few of us know of the wars fought in the shadows that have raged on this planet.”

Olivia Colman: “After every Marvel release, I’ve phoned my agent and like, ‘Please, can I be in a Marvel,’ and so, I’m really excited.”

Unknown character in “Secret Invasion”: “The great Nick Fury.”

Samuel L. Jackson (as Nick Fury): “One last fight.”

“Secret Invasion” starts streaming June 21 on Disney Plus.

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