If you think fighting with words is bad, try fighting with dragons. Things are getting heated in the upcoming season of “House of the Dragon.” Deco’s getting fired up with the cast at their fancy New York premiere.

Emma D’Arcy (as Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen): “The Targaryen who sits the Iron Throne is not just a king or a queen. They are a protector of the realm.”

The stakes are at an all-time high in Season 2 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” prequel, “House of the Dragon.”

Matt Smith (as Prince Daemon Targaryen): “Our terms are very simple: renounce the false kind and bend the knee to the queen, or your house burns.”

Westeros is on the brink of war, as Rhaenyra prepares to reclaim the Iron Throne from her half-brother.

Fghting with her family? Emma D’Arcy says that’s barely scratching the surface.

Emma D’Arcy: “So, even within her allies, even within her sort of – her colleagues, she has to constantly prove her worth, her ability. She has to be sort of alive to potential insurrection.”

Meaning, there’s no letting her guard down.

Emma D’Arcy: “It’s a hyper vigilance required if you’re a woman trying to hold power in this world.”

Rhaenyra is not the only one dealing with a lot. Matt Smith think Daemon is also spiraling, and that’s no bueno.

Matt Smith: “I think he’s on a rather cataclysmic journey of self-annihilation and self-discovery. And he commits some rather, you know, Daemon-esque acts, shall we say, that start the ball rolling and make things very difficult for everyone concerned.”

Rhys Ifans (as Ser Otto Hightower): “We will prevail and bring force peace, but you must accept that the path to victory now is one of violence.”

Fans have been waiting almost two years for new episodes of the show, but as Olivia Cooke explains, it takes a village.

Olivia Cooke: “It takes a lot of stamina, and it’s a marathon. It’s seven months, and we’ve got three units on now, and we’ve got these massive set pieces and these big, you know, battles and these huge sets and, yeah, it’s strenuous, for sure.”

Emma D’Arcy (as Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen): “War is coming, and neither of us may win.”

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