Sweet and sour. Salt and caramel. Pink and black. Good combinations happen when opposites attract. Just don’t ask my exes

Fire and water might not be two things you immediately think can go together, but the stars of Disney and Pixar’s “Elemental” are here to prove why they’re the perfect pair.

Talk about being in your element!

Leah Lewis (as Ember Lumen, voice): “Air usually has their head in the clouds. Earth can be a little seedy. Water is always getting into something. And Fire, we run a little hot.”

In Disney and Pixar’s new animated film “Elemental,” Fire, Water, Earth and Air residents live together in the same city.

But not necessarily in harmony.

Leah Lewis (as Ember Lumen): “We all live by one simple rule: elements cannot mix.”

But the rules kinda go out the window when the fiery Ember, voiced by Leah Lewis, neets Mamoudou Athie’s water guy Wade.

OK, OK, fire and water, elements, this totally begs the question: what’s your sign?

Mamoudou Athie: “Oh, yeah, I’m a Scorpio.”

Leah Lewis: “Sagittarius.”

All right, but how much do you actually relate to that?

Mamoudou Athie: “Listen, the rumors are true. That’s all I gotta say. You know, Scorpios. Come on, guys, you gonna make me spell it out?”

Leah Lewis: “I could see it. I could see it.”

Leah Lewis: “Sagittarius, I definitely embody some of the fiery aspects of it. Very strong and free, but I am a very emotional person.”

Astrology aside, “Elemental” is all about connection.

So we wanted to know what part of Ember and Wade Leah and Mamoudou connected to the most.

Leah Lewis: “She is incredibly tender with the way that she treats her family, and I love that she loves the people that she cares about so, so much.”

Mamoudou Athie: “He’s just a really good guy, and there’s nothing manipulative about it. He’s not, like, conning anybody.”

Disney and Pixar are no strangers when it comes to emotional movie moments.

I mean…

Tom Hanks (as Woody, voice): “So long, pardner.”

Anthony Gonzalez (as Miguel, voice, singing): “Though I have to say goodbye.”

[“Up’s” Carl Fredricksen gazes at picture of him and his late wife.]

Mamoudou Athie:”I love Carl. I love Carl from ‘Up.’ He’s my guy, so anything involving him. “

“Up” is a good one, but for Leah, it’s “Inside Out.”

Richard Kind (as Bing Bong, voice): “Go save Riley. Take her to the moon for me.”

That cues the waterworks. Literally.

Leah Lewis: “Bing Bong, like, throws himself off the cart and says, ‘Take her to the moon,’ and I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. His ‘take her to the moon?'”

Mamoudou Athie: “OK, hold on.”

[Leah fans her eyes.]

Disney and Pixar’s “Elemental” hits theaters on Friday.

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