Ana de Armas is having her blonde moment. Netflix rolled out the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of “Blonde.” The film tells the life story of film icon Marilyn Monroe.

Fresh from its Venice Film Festival debut, the stars hit the red carpet to celebrate the life of one of Hollywood’s biggest icons: Marilyn Monroe, this time at the Chinese Theatre in L.A.

Ana de Armas: “It feels incredible.”

Character in “Blonde”: “Ms. Monroe. It’s time!”

Ana de Armas has big shoes to fill in “Blonde.” The movie is based on a fictional retelling of Marilyn’s life.

Bobby Cannavale (as The Ex-Athlete): “How’d you get your start.”

Ana de Armas (as Marilyn Monroe): “What start?”

Bobby Cannavale (as The Ex-Athlete): “In movies.”

And, while Marilyn’s life was somewhat of a spectacle, Ana says the film is more about who she was as a person.

Ana de Armas: “Of course, there is Marilyn in the movie, but I feel like it’s more about Norma Jean. It’s more about the woman that’s underneath.”

The actress wants fans to see more than just the legendary bombshell.

Ana de Armas: “I hope people feel her. That’s the whole point. I want people to feel who she was and her true essence.”

Ana de Armas (as Marilyn Monroe): “I’m still her when the camera is rolling.”

Adrien Brody plays Marilyn’s third husband, Arthur Miller, also known as The Playwright. He’s raving about Ana’s performance.

Adrien Brody: “To experience Ana de Armas’ transformation and connection to this character and her portrayal of Marilyn and Norma Jean, it’s just so rich.”

Ana de Armas (as Marilyn Monroe): “Marilyn doesn’t exist.”

Directed by Andrew Dominik, the point of the film is to shine a light on Marilyn’s chaotic life.

Andrew Dominik: “You detail the childhood trauma, and then you show the adult life through the lens of that trauma, so it was pretty much all tied to that somehow.”

In the end, he only wants one thing from audiences.

Andrew Dominik: “Well, I’d like them to be moved.”

Ana de Armas (as Marilyn Monroe): “Marilyn Monroe only exists on the screen.”

“Blonde” opens in theaters in selected markets on Friday and drops on Netflix on Sept. 28.

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