Getting the in-laws together can be a bit hard, especially if they live far away from each other. But in “Maybe I Do” they don’t have to worry much about having them meet, because they already met.

The film stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as the couple trying to get their parents together, Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere play one half of their parents, who have already met. They just don’t know it yet.

Allen and Michelle are at a crossroad in “Maybe I Do”

Emma Roberts: “You’re meeting them at a very I think pivotal yet relatable moment in their relationship.”

Michelle wants to get married and Allen does not.

And neither of their families have even met, so they decide to invite all of them to dinner, there’s only one problem.

The moms and dads already know one another because they’ve been cheating on their spouses with each other.

What a nightmare.

But for Luke Bracy it was anything but that.

Luke Bracey: “It’s awkward and crazy and you’ve got four amazing actors doing such a great job at building that kind of tension and ridiculous kind of scenario, I spend those days kind of laughing really.”

Stars, Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon, agree too.

Susan Sarandon: “I like the scene with the four of us when everything blows up too because it was just fun. So I’d have to say that was.”

Richard Gere: “It was fun.”

Susan Sarandon: “Definitely one of the fun times.”

Richard Gere: “Everything was on the table for the first time.”

The cast all loved working together, but for Emma Roberts working with Susan and Diane was a big deal.

Emma Roberts: “They’re in so many of my favorite movies so getting to be on set with them was a crazy bucket list come true.”

Their relationships on screen might be a little rocky, but Emma had this to say about the films ending.

Emma Roberts: “I will say it ends on a high note so that’s always good.”

“Maybe I Do” hits theaters this Friday.

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