Game on. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is ready to reach the boss level at the box office this weekend. But before that, they had to suit up for action at the film’s world premiere.

Mama mia! Here we go!

Your favorite plumber-turned-hero and his pals are leveling up in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Mario is used to saving princess peach. But this time, he’s teaming up with her to save his brother Luigi and stop the evil Bowser.

Forget ruling the world. The film’s all-star voice cast wants to rule the box office. They rocked the red carpet for the movie’s big premiere in Los Angeles on Saturday and that’s no April fool’s joke.

Chris Pratt: “Thankfully the pressure’s off cause I’ve seen the film and we didn’t screw it up. It’s freaking awesome.”

Chris Pratt voices the iconic Mario and he says working on this project was a real thrill ride.

Chris Pratt: “It’s like catching a great wave. I don’t surf, but I’m gonna pretend like I do. Catching a break wave and all of a sudden, you’re like WOW, this is what it feels like. So stoked? Stoked, bruh. That’s probably what it feels like. I don’t know I’d probably drown if I tried to surf.”

Every Mario needs his Luigi. That’s when Charlie Day comes in.

Charlie Day: “Oh my god, this movie it gives you all the stuff you know and love from the game. And if you don’t know and love the game, it’s the perfect introduction.”

Anya Taylor-Joy voices the iconic princess peach but she’s no damsel in distress.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “I did think, I don’t wanna do it if she’s just gonna say save me, Mario. This is a role model that kids will grow up with. This is what they’ll see not just as leadership but female leadership. It’s incredible.”

Jack Black is definitely a good guy in real life but he dressed up as his character Bowser and there’s a reason he loves this baddie so much.

Jack Black: “Bowser really is very heavy metal, if you think about it. He breathes fire, that’s like pyro in a heavy metal concert. He’s got the spikes, you know. Very heavy metal.”

Jack Black: “It was a perfect fit for me because as you know, I love the metal.”

Even Seth Rogen is getting in on the action as Donkey Kong. He thinks fans are gonna be real happy with this one.

Seth Rogen: “The story is really fun and resonant. And they found a way I think to like incorporate everything you would hope is in a Super Mario Brothers Movie.”

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