Makeup is a mood, and should be taken seriously. We caught up with Jackie Gomez at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood to teach us spring and summer trends … so glow up and pay attention.

She’s touched the faces of Beyoncé, Adrienne Bailon and Becky G.

Jackie Gomez: “I would go to all these record labels, and I would send them my portfolio, and I would say, ‘Hey I’m a makeup artist, hire me,’ and I started working with Beyoncé, Becky G, and all these celebrities.”

Star makeup artist Jackie Gomez won’t leave you clueless.

Alicia Silverstone (as Cher): “Let’s do a makeover!”

Brittany Murphy (as Tai): “No.”

Trends for spring and summer, like “daytime glow-to-go” or “glam on with bold lips,” are her specialty.

Jackie Gomez: “My inspiration for looks really depends on what the person is wearing, what they’re doing, but it’s really a collaboration.”

So, if you want the eyes to have it, then you should follow this tip.

Jackie Gomez: “I’m taking this rose gold color — close your eyes for me — and with your finger, you just want to press in the color. When you use your finger, the oils of your hands really help to intensify the color.”

Color me happy with these ready-to-party lips.

Jackie Gomez: “So, to achieve a really long-lasting red lip, a good tip is to powder your lips first with translucent powder, and then, to create volume and to make your lip look bigger, you want to start from the corner, and you want to move upwards. You can drink, you can talk, you can sweat, and you won’t see it kind of traveling around.”

For those who understand eyebrows are life, try this.

Jackie Gomez: “What I like to do first is comb her eyebrows upwards, and this helps open up her eye. At the bottom here, you can go sideways to create that shape and that angle, but when you want to go and fill in any spaces, you do upwards.”

A cream palette is all the glam squad you need.

Jackie Gomez: “If you want something quick and fresh, easy, on the go, cream is always the best option, especially when it’s hot outside and you don’t want to feel like you have a lot on.”

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