SoFlo foodies have a new place to call home, and they better bring their appetite to Julia & Henry’s, a massive seven-story food hall where visitors will never run out of new things to eat and drink.

Julia & Henry’s…

Alex Miranda: “It’s the only thing that I’ve been seeing on social media for like a week.”

Antonella Santomaur: “It looks like Julia & Henry’s is the new place to be.”

…is like a one-stop shop.

Daniel Peña: “We have the highest concentration of James Beard, Michelin, 50 best chefs under one roof, so you can come and spend the whole day here eating fantastic food, having great drinks.”

…for your five senses.

Antonella Santomaur: “Enjoy the environment, the experience, the music.”

The brand-new downtown Miami – wait, is it a food hall?

Antonella Santomaur: “No, we love to call it a multi-entertainment destination or eatery.”

Has taken over the historic Walgreens building on Flagler Street.

Daniel Peña: “Mr. Walgreens was in love with cruises, so he designed the building to look like a cruise. That’s why, when you enter the building, you’ll see there are different decks.”

Maybe you won’t find shampoo bottles here anymore, but how about…

Antonella Santomaur: “We have roughly around 700 bottles of wine.”

Whoa, a little nosh first, OK? Well, maybe one, at La Época.

Alex Miranda: “My dream come true: a glass of wine.”

But with 26 options for eating alone, like…

Antonella Santomaur: Michy’s, Michelle Bernstein, with fried chicken.”

…where do you start?

Antonella Santomaur: “I would say the Wagyu beef burgers from June.”

By Chef Jose Mendin, only if I have to.

Give me a minute.

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my God. That is so good.”

To the very last drop…

Let’s wash that down with the Watermelon Girlfriend sour ale at Boxelder.

Alex Miranda: “It tastes like watermelon.”

Harry Styles (singing): “On a summer evening.”

Alex Miranda: “And it sounds just like a song.”

Harry Styles (singing): “Watermelon sugar high.”

Before filling back up again at the Peruvian-Cantonese Sankuay.

Alex Miranda: “I’m so full. But I’m still eating.”

Mmm, noodles.

You could literally be here all day.

Alex Miranda: “Hour… nine.”

Dessert, anyone?

Antonella Santomaur: “We have Yann Couvreur, a very renowned French pastry chef, who has one Michelin star.”

And all in tribute to Miami founder Julia Tuttle and industrialist Henry Flagler.

Daniel Peña: “Almost like a journey, you’re discovering. You walk to one space, and you are like, ‘Wow!’ And then go to the next one, and it’s like another surprise.”

It is not just a food hall because there’s karaoke here, too, there’s a day care, and there’s a nightclub downstairs.

Julia & Henry’s
200 E Flagler St.
Miami, FL 33131

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