Life is about the experience. Do it for the plot, the kids say … and with the new Wynwood Fun Pass, you’ll get to experience cool places for one hot summer price.

SoFlo’s Wynwood gives off that big art energy.

Allison Friedin: “Wynwood is an outdoor gallery like you’ve never seen before. It has sprawling walls that have beautiful murals by artists who travel here just to paint graffiti in our streets.”

And there are tons of things to do and see. So why not pack the fun into one nice bundle?

The Wynwood Fun Pass is born.

Joyce Frohman: “The Wynwood Fun Pass really offers a great value for tourists, for locals, for $56 to go to three venues.”

It’s a selfie-type of feel at Paradox Museum.

Soraya Gonzalez: “We have over 70 paradox-based exhibits that you get to interact with. So it’s a play on mirrors. There’s geometry that comes into play — either you get to interact with every exhibit or you can pose with it. We have tour guides provided throughout that can go ahead and assist you.”

And make sure you stop at all the mind-bending exhibits.

Soraya Gonzalez: “My favorite exhibit is the paradox tunnel. You walk through it makes it look like the whole tunnel is moving.”

You OK there, Deco camera guy?

For some cultures, Museum of Graffiti is the stop.

Allison Friedin: “Museum of Graffiti is the only museum in the world dedicated to the graffiti art form. You are going to see things and experience things in here that you cannot find anywhere else.”

Like Deco Drive name-dropping inside where everyone drops a “shhh.”

Allison Friedin: “Inside the museum is a combination of photographs, artifacts, vintage pieces, that we’ve brought inside for you to experience inside the air conditioning, because we all know about those Miami summers.”

You will feel fun overload at Fun Dimensions.

Joyce Frohman: “We are a fun center in Wynwood. That has laser tag, arcade games, virtual reality. There’s a bunch of retro games, there are modern games to offer a little bit of everything.”

They’re open until midnight.

Joyce Frohman: “After a long day, after walking museum to museum, they come here and they have food and fun together.”

And with the pass…

Joyce Frohman: “You don’t want to come to Wynwood and just spend an hour. You want to come and spend the whole day. A little bit of everything so they can get the whole flavor of Wynwood.”



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