On the new Fox show, “Special forces: World’s Toughest Test,” military pros push celebrities to the limit. Like British vet Mark “Billy” Billingham, the most badass, no nonsense drill sergeant on TV, so could people like us pass that test? I met Billy and his wife, Julie, on Fort Lauderdale Beach to find out.

Lynn Martinez: “Tell me what you guys have learned about your show?”

Billy Billingham: “The show, it’s helped so many people … because what we’re going to do is push every person through their worst fears.”

Lynn Martinez: “So what do you want to do to me today? I don’t want to throw up.”

Billy Billingham: “I’m not going to make you cry, but I’m going to make you sweat.”

Julie Colombino-Billingham: “This is like our main piece, the mission essential duffel bag that Billy designed.”

Lynn Martinez: “This is heavy.”

Julie Colombino-Billingham: “It’s heavy right now because there’s something in there for you.”

Lynn Martinez: “Great, like rocks.”

Billy Billingham: “Who are you going to challenge?”

Lynn Martinez: “I don’t know. Who’s out there?”

Love Island audio: “This week, a hot new bombshell enters the villa.

Julie Colombino-Billingham: “So I think I’m going to hand this over.”

Billy Billingham: “Get up!”

Lynn Martinez: “What the hell?”

Billy Billingham: “Hold it.”

Lynn Martinez: “I kinda like being yelled at.”

Billy Billingham: “And down, let’s go.”

Billy Billingham: “Go! All the way in, all the way out, all the way in, all the way out.”

Billy Billingham: “Our next exercise represents carrying a casualty off a battlefield. It’s called the fireman’s carry.”

Alex Miranda: “I can do it. Let’s go.”

Billy Billingham: “Keep going. Keep going.”

Lynn Martinez: “Alex, will you marry me?”

Lynn Martinez: “OMG, I’m lifting Alex. Whoop whoop!”

Billy Billingham: “Let’s go.”

Lynn Martinez: “OK. OK.”

Billy Billingham: “Keep going!”

Alex Miranda: “Is that an expensive top?”

Lynn Martinez: “No, but my boobs are.”

Billy Billingham: “The seal crawl. Your arms move to there and you push.”

Lynn Martinez: “He’s like acting like he’s a walrus.”

Lynn Martinez: “You did it wrong, you cheated.”

Billy Billingham: “Get there. Get your legs up. Get on his butt. Get your pathetic body up.”

Lynn Martinez: “Alex, what’s the problem?”

Billy Billingham: “Based on everything I’ve seen, it’s all about giving 100%, which you gave nothing but pathetic excuses. You will pay the price.”

Lynn Martinez: “Loser.”

Alex Miranda: “How cold is that water?”

Billy Billingham: “Probably as cold as your heart, Alex, or colder, so let’s get in. Let’s go.”

Alex Miranda: “What am I doing?”

Billy Billingham: “Pressure position.”

Alex Miranda: “One, two.”

Lynn Martinez: “Get up, you big baby.”

Alex Miranda: “Help me.”

Lynn Martinez: “Ahh!”

Alex Miranda: “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Lynn Martinez: “Ah. You’re on your own. You’re on your own.”

Alex Miranda: “That’s what you get.”

Alex Miranda: “I’ve got one question.”

Billy Billingham: “Make it good.”

Alex Miranda: “Do I look hot?”

Lynn Martinez: “Hahaha.”

Alex Miranda: “That’s all I care about.”

Alex Miranda: “Is it giving special forces?”

Lynn Martinez: “You’re all right.”

“Special forces: World’s Toughest Test” airs Wednesdays, right here on Fox, at 9 p.m.

If you want to learn more about Billy’s military inspired fashion line, maybe buy that duffel bag got to deuxmains.com.

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