Funny guys Will Smith and Martin Lawrence came and went to film “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” right here in the 305.

That was so fun, those road closures.

One cast member who stayed is Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez. Well because SoFlo is his home.

Deco got down and dirty with the actor to give us the exclusive on the action flick, at least we hoped.

Martin Lawrence (as Marcus Burnett): “C’mon Mike slow down.”

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die” kept the Miami spice going.

The action movie filmed everywhere in SoFlo. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence sightings hit all over social media.

One local bad boy you might also recognize in the flick is Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez.

Now the actor is pretty easy to track down, he loves his ice cream at “Spiked Rich Nitrogen” in Davie.

So tell us everything G-Rod, tell us.

Gabriel Rodriguez: “Very excited about “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” that’s coming out in theaters June 7 (whispers) not much I can say.”

What about the meaning of the title at least?

Gabriel Rodriguez: “It’s like you’re my guy. You’re my ride-or-die. You’re my ride-or-die. You guys, Deco Drive is my ride or die.”

Very true! So spill the tea.

Gabriel Rodriguez: “(acting out fight scene) Phew, yeah that’s everything about the movie.”

Just kidding, he’s very tight-lipped but getting the call from the director was like.

Gabriel Rodriguez: “‘You want to be in the movie?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I want to be in the movie. What is wrong with you? Yes!’ He was like ‘alright this is all you have to do, just grow everything out.'”

Then the filmmaker told him the inspiration for the character, “presidente.”

Gabriel Rodriguez: “I came across a picture of President Salinas from Mexico and don’t show a picture of him…don’t do it.”

Gabriel Rodriguez: “His vision was Presidente Salinas and 55-year-old me version of him. And of course, I’m not 55. Of course, 25. That’s on my Tinder profile right now. Swipe right.”

One profile “Grey’s Anatomy” fans would swipe right on is Eric Dane’s.

Gabriel Rodriguez: “My boss in the movie, which is McGrath, who is played by Eric Dane. It was interesting to see him, my boss in the film you know bad guys, to see him play a bad side because he’s a total sweetheart, heartthrob in ‘Grey’s Anatomy.'”

Returning to the scene is Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly.

Gabriel Rodriguez: “I put my whole body through it. You guys are gonna see what I do for the love of the art. This is what I do for you guys. Agh, sheesh, my back is…gimme a second. Ugh!”

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