Spotting local talent, well that’s a Deco thang, and hopping into the rap scene is Dade Toad. He has a few songs out, but his latest single is giving party vibes.

Deco sat down with the rapper to rip it about his new music, and we’re toad-ally in awe.

Dade Toad: “We solid, we solid.”

The 305 has a star on the rise.

Dade Toad: “I feel like the man when I pop out, I bring the block out.”

Dade Toad is pulling up with a new song, “Pull Up.”

Dade Toad: “I get ‘Pull Up’ like that when I go back to my old hood. I’m able to step out, and it’s love from people who I haven’t seen in years, like I never left. That’s what ‘Pull Up’ is about.”

For the rapper, hearing the beat first is how he gets flowing.

Dade Toad: “From that three seconds I hear on that instrumental or that beat, I know, you know, what I’m going to go about.”

Wiz Khalifa (rapping): “I know you got dreams, so it’s time you live it out.”

Wiz is what inspired this talent.

Dade Toad: “Wiz is the guy. Wiz Khalifa would be my biggest inspiration, I would say.”

And if you got to meet him?

Dade Toad: “That’s it. I would feel like I made it, for sure.”

For now, he’s just staying busy.

Dade Toad: ‘I haven’t done anything big yet, as far as like festivals, when it’s like mega people out there, I haven’t done but, you know, soon, I feel like.”

And the jet-set lifestyle is what he enjoys.

Dade Toad: “We get stuck in one place for a while. We forget to move around and enjoy that life because it’s beautiful. I’ve been to little places. To be able to experience those places, that’s what I’m looking forward to as well.”

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