You never really know who prepares your food when you’re at a restaurant is it a world-renowned chef or is it Joe Blow from down the street?

Now think about that same concept but make it a competition, that’s what Hulu is doing for its new cooking competition series.

Get ready all of you food critics.

Hulu’s aiming to keep you on edge with their new cooking competition, “Secret Chef”

Alexa Santos: “I’ve never been a part of anything so remarkably interesting in my entire life”

South Florida native and social media influencer, Alexa Santos is a contestant on the new cooking series and she’s giving Deco all the details of what the experience was like.

Alexa Santos: “On the show when I found out that they were executive chefs, sous chefs, and private chefs of a much more professional caliber, I was not happy about that”

Guided by an animated talking hat, 10 chefs from different walks of life have to perform a series of cooking challenges

With the chance of winning $100,000 but there is a catch the chefs must judge each other’s food blindly.

Each contestant is given an alias that no one else knows and with their true identities concealed everything will be hidden except the one thing that matters most the food.

Alexa Santos: “I’d be given a dish and told to taste this and rank it but I didn’t know whose it was, I didn’t know what that person’s talent level was, all I knew was here is a plate of food and I’m eating it”

And just because everyone is a chef, that doesn’t mean all the food is great.

Alexa Santos: “A lot of the things I tasted on the show I was like who made that, what were they thinking, and then it turns out, oh that person run 4 restaurant kitchens before, and I’m like what? how?”

You can catch all 10 episodes of the series when it drops on Hulu June 29.

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