This Pride Month, how about a little song and dance? The Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida says always, but their pride shows in Wilton Manors this weekend are serving up some history too. Plus, they tell me, confetti blasters.

Fred Boykin: “We’re not afraid to be who we are. We’re just like everybody else, but we sing better, and we have better hair.”

The Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida is prouder than ever and their more than 130 members…

Gabe Salazar: “They find, you know, friendship and family and even romantic partners.”

Alex Miranda: “So I should join.”

Gabe Salazar: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “I haven’t tried the choir yet.”

…Are proud to present a pride-themed concert, called Unbreakable and Unstoppable.

Gabe Salazar: “The story of the LGBTQ experience in America from 1900 to today.”

But also bursting out into…

Gabe Salazar and Alex Miranda: “I want the world to know, got to let it show.”

…Classic gay anthems, and this message…

Gabe Salazar: “That we’re still here, and we’re still queer, and we’re proud.”

Alex Miranda: “Amen.”

Gabe Salazar: “Amen.”

At Sunshine Cathedral in Wilton Manors, this Friday and Saturday night.

Gabe Salazar: “Lots of colors, lots of energy, lots of dancing.”

Alex Miranda: “Can I do my thing?”

Gabe Salazar: “Death drop. Oh, my God.”

Alex Miranda: “Cut to clip of someone doing death drop. Three, two, one.”

Maybe not that, but definitely bass, baritone…

Gabe Salazar: “Tenor twos, and then everybody wants to be the tenor one, because they’re the star of the show.”

Fred Boykin: “It’s the one on the top.”

Alex Miranda: “Are there divas in the mix?”

But what about the rest of us?

Chad Allen Edgar: “If you sing in the shower, you’re still singing right?”

Alex Miranda: “There’s always auto tune.”

Or not, but they say vocal warm ups do help.

Chad Allen Edgar and Alex Miranda: “Zing-a zing-a zing. Zing-a zing-a zing. Zing-a zing-a zing-a zing-a zing.”


Eric Alayon: “I usually do warm lemon water. It kind of soothes the vocal cords, get them ready to project.”

Like this?

Chad Allen Edgar and Alex Miranda: “We’re far from the shallow now.”

I guess the time has come.

Alex Miranda: “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in.”

Tickets for the 8 p.m. shows start at $38, and no lip syncing.

Gabe Salazar: “To spread the message of hope and love and acceptance.”

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