“MasterChef Junior” is down to a two-part finale.

And hanging on is Florida’s very own Remy Powell. She told Deco all about her delicious journey, take a look.

Remy Powell: “I have the confidence boost now because Gordon Ramsey loves my food.”

Gordon Ramsey: “The chicken definitely puts a smile on my face. It’s cooked beautifully.”

Out of 12 tiny chefs competing in Fox’s “MasterChef Junior” Remy Powell made it to the finals!

Remy Powell: “Final three — it’s kind of hard. But it’s really exciting.”

Remy Powell: “I’m actually gonna put my secret ingredient, which is girl power.”

Gordon Ramsey: “I love girl power. I love that.”

Let’s hear it for girl power! Remy is the last girl left and on the final episodes, she has to flambe something.

Remy Powell: “It’s when you take an alcohol and you put it on the pan and then tip it into the fire. And the fire goes poof I was about to burn my eyebrows off. I went way too close.”

Remy Powell: “I’m making Sunshine State on a plate. Love it!”

This mini cook is using her South Florida roots to make her yummy creations.

Remy Powell: “Florida are known for the orange groves that use to be here. So I used oranges in my prosecco mimosa vinaigrette. I put extra girl power in that. I put girl power powder and girl power glitter in it.”

Can we call you “MasterChef Junior” now?

Remy Powell: “Maybe — yeah, but it’s a two-part finale. So we have more suspense coming. We definitely want everybody to watch this one because we’ll see if my girl power takes it all the way to the top.”

Remy Powell: “I want to win and take home the MasterChef title for every girl in the world. Special love.”

Go Chef Remy, Go!

Part one of the two-part finale is on tonight after Deco.

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