The way to a man’s heart is really through his cat. I can tell you this. Shout out to my girl, Juniper. She’s watching right now! But I guess stomach is a close second.

We love a man who can cook, especially when they’re right here in the 305, South Florida, and they’re the winner of season 22 of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Gordon Ramsay: “The chef whose door opens will become the winner and take up that amazing role as my head chef at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas.”

And the winner is…

Gordon Ramsay: “One, two, three.”

Local chef Ryan O’Sullivan came out on top in the grand finale of “Hell’s Kitchen: The American Dream.”

Ryan O’Sullivan: “When I got to the doors, and it finally opened for me, it was just such a weight off my shoulders. Surprised, happy, sad. It was a mixed bag of emotions.”

Basically all the feels, right?

Ryan O’Sullivan: “As I walked down the stairs, and I saw my wife and my dad, I just kept saying, ‘I told you I’d do it, I told you I’d do it,’ because I believe in myself.”

Ryan is originally from Ireland, but he’s been living in West Palm Beach for the past few years. We caught up with him at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Miami.

Ryan O’Sullivan: “I moved over here, you know, six years ago, by myself, to try and make a life for myself.”

Ryan got to share his big night with two fellow contestants he became really close to: second runner up, Sammi…

Johnathan Benvenuti: “Oh these are beautiful, these are beautiful.”

Ryan O’Sullivan: “Yeah, these look great.”

Johnathan Benvenuti: “Let’s [expletive] go. Woooo!”

And his roommate and first runner-up, Johnathan.

Johnathan Benvenuti: “It was outrageous. This season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ has changed my life completely. Sammi and Ryan are my best friends in the whole world, and I think everybody sees that on camera, and it comes off genuine.”

Ryan O’Sullivan: “We just gave each other notes and bounced off each other. There was no tenacity. There was no head to head. We just wanted each other to succeed.”

As for what’s next for these guys…

Johnathan Benvenuti: “I would love to own my own restaurant. That’s really the dream.”

And, is Ryan saying “goodbye So-Flo, hello Sin City” in the near future?

Ryan O’Sullivan: “I’m not exactly too sure when that’s gonna be. It’s all up in the air at the moment. But I can’t wait to start, and I’m excited for what’s ahead.”

Gordon Ramsay: “Please, off you go.”

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