Ultra is one of Miami’s biggest parties, attracting talented DJs from around the globe. It also happens to bring amazing artists together, like the team that designs the entire festival.

Deco sat down with the group who created the stages and sets, to get an up close look at what it takes to put on the world famous show.

When it comes to Ultra, the creative design team Rednoir knows what it takes to make the festival come to life.

Monica Arellano: “We focus on experiences, so besides doing design, interior design, production design, we really focus on taking people to places – not just designing to design, but creating a story around whatever we do.”

They’ve also designed the sets for some really popular events.

Monica Arellano: “Some of the brands we’ve worked with in the past are Ultra, Formula 1, Hennesey, the Grammys, Coachella.”

For this year’s Ultra, the team wanted it to be out of this world.

Monica Arellano: “We always have space, outer space, ships, rockets, as inspiration when we create our designs.”

Richard Milstein: “When they walk in, it’s going to be a large production, very loud music, lots of flashy lights, high energy, lots of great food, beautiful art installations, immersive experiences there.”

They went over the moon with technology to make your raving experience one to remember.

Richard Milstein: “It’s very immersive all over the park. Anywhere you are, when you’re walking in the forest, you’re going to see a lot of lighting, a lot of sound, a lot of different elements where it brings all the elements together.”

And one of those elements is the star of the show.

Monica Arellano: “It’s a 30-foot-long wall installation with lighting, a huge star. You definitely cannot miss it. You can walk through it, around it, take pictures. It’s going to play with lights, so it’s going to be really fun.”

They didn’t forget about the stages, either.

Richard Milstein: “A lot of videos, a lot of lights, a lot of lasers, a lot of automation. Then we have the mega structure, which is a large arena, and that stage, it’s production on steroids.”

Whether you’re choosing to be one with art, or raving the night away, you’re sure to have a blast.

Monica Arellano: “When people attend Ultra this year, we want them to feel in awe. We want them to see things that they’ve never seen before.”

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