“So You Think You Can Dance” hit a major milestone by hitting 300 episodes! Not to mention the show has a new judge on its panel. Leah Remini joins Jojo Siwa, Stephen “Twitch” Boss, and host Cat Deely.

“So You Think You Can Dance”‘s 300th episode doesn’t just reveal the top 12 dancers, it also marks Leah Remini’s first time on the judges panel.

Leah Remini: “I didn’t feel as foreign as maybe people thought I did. You know, because all of them, all of them are at my house every day, and they use my dance studio, so, like, I can’t get rid of them. I’ve been dancing since I did ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ I don’t think people know that, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m not here as a dancer. I’m here as a fan of the show.”

She’s looking for that star quality in the remaining 12 dancers.

Leah Remini: “It’s those who have the it factor. It’s those who have the performance factor.”

And her co-stars can’t get enough of her.

Cat Deely: “I love Leah joining the panel because she isn’t a professional dancer. She works within the entertainment industry. She’s been on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ so she knows it from that point of view. She’s also got a brilliant sense of humor…”

Leah can definitely help with that. She is a pro.

Stephen “Twitch” Boss: “All of us are artists, right? And as artists, we also empathize with other artists, so everything that we’re saying on that panel is from the perspective of helping them to get better.”

With 300 episodes, the cast reflected on its impact on dance and themselves.

Jojo Siwa: “This show has produced some of the most iconic dancers out there, ‘Twitch.'”

Not to mention all the relationships.

Cat Deely: “We all started at the same time. We were all single then. We all went into relationships. We all either got engaged or married or lived with partners or had babies or like, now, it’s like kids running around, and then in terms of the show itself and dance, I just don’t think there’s ever been a show that celebrated talent quite as wholeheartedly as this show does.”

Make sure to catch all the cool moves in the new episode of “So You Think You Can Dance,” tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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