When you think of the Marley family, you know, like Bob Marley, the first things that come to mind are great music and chill vibes, but how about working out? No? Yeah I thought so, but maybe their smooth sounds were all you needed to live a life of fitness. Tonight, Skip Marley is showing you how.

If you think this about working out, join the club, and pun intended, because singer-songwriter Skip Marley wants to help the people.

Skip Marley: “Take that leap of faith and that one step in bettering themselves, physically, spiritually, mentally.”

With the new online wellness platform, OneFirelight.

Kathryn Leary: “That is designed to give you the strength to embrace the world.”

Which uses his music and his grandfather’s. Ever heard of the guy? What’s his name again? Bob?

Kathryn Leary: “And also other conscious artists from the blue mountain music catalog.”

To make fitness, mind and body, not just body.

Kathryn Leary: “It was music that just sort of quietly seeds into your consciousness, so that you come away feeling uplifted and nourished.”

Now, if you’re like me, those headphones are blasting something like…

Music video: “You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? you better work.”

…But admittedly, not the best for, say, yoga or meditation, and OneFirelight has it all…

Kathryn Leary: “Pilates, strength training, weight work.”

…With a new age twist.

Kathryn Leary: “We work with crystals as weights.”

Which could be something like rapper 2 Chainz in this Vice TV clip. Plus…

Kathryn Leary: “Classes on trampoline, we have boxing, and kickboxing, and Thai boxing.”

And if that sounds intimidating because…

Skip Marley: “Big or small fitness level, first day of fitness, or you could be the fittest person in the world. We welcome you all.”

And who wouldn’t zen out to this?

Kathryn Leary: “Our classes are shot in nature, so you have that beautiful healing energy of seeing water and lush greenery.”

After all, a fun fact about reggae…

Kathryn Leary: “The drumbeat is the same rhythm of the heartbeat.”

Memberships are $35 a month, and skip days are totally allowed.

Skip Marley: “A skip day.”

Kathryn Leary: “A skip day. Skip is excited.”

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