(WSVN) - “The LEGO Batman Movie” looks to hold onto the top spot at the box office this weekend as it takes on three newcomers. We’ve got a comedy, a thriller and Matt Damon’s great wall in this week’s Showtime.

Ice Cube (as Strickland): “I’m gonna fight you.”

Charlie Day (as Andy Campbell): “I’m sorry, what?

Ice Cube (as Strickland): “Parking lot, after school.”

In “Fist Fight,” Ice Cube and Charlie Day star as two teachers who look to settle their differences the old fashioned way. The only problem is only one of them is on board with the plan. When we chatted with guys they told us this movie is something we can all relate to.

Ice Cube: “There’s somebody on every job that’s this close to getting their butt kicked and they don’t even know it.”

Jason Isaacs (as Volmer): “I would like to recommend a treatment, think of it as a cleansing of the mind.”

In “A Cure for Wellness,” a young executive is sent to get his company’s CEO from a wellness center in the Swiss Alps.

But he soon unravels the spa’s terrifying secrets and his sanity is tested at the haunting facility.

One of the movie’s stars, Mia Goth, shared secrets about how the cast prepared for the thriller.

Mia Goth: “We went to the most haunted place in Germany known as Belitz. Some people felt ghosts there and spirits, it just helps with the mood and the atmosphere that we’re trying to create with the film.”

Tian Jing (as Commander Lin Mae): “Why are you here?”

Matt Damon (as William): “We came to trade.”

Tian Jing (as Commander Lin Mae): “You lie. You are thieves.”

Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal are strangers in a foreign land in “The Great Wall.”

The duo play mercenaries on the Silk Road to China, but end up in a war with a monstrous enemy.

Damon calls it the biggest East meets West production.

Matt Damon: “We had 100 translators on the production, to give you an idea of like the scope. A hundred people translating. There are a lot of movies I’ve made where there aren’t even 100 people on set.”

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