Never fear, Showtime is here, and on the radar for movies to watch this weekend. It’s gonna have you falling over and over again. Whether it’s falling in love with a person or a pastry, or falling off a building, check out what’s playing near you.

Hanna Waddingham (as Gail Meyer): “You find Ryder. Save Jody’s film. You get the love of your life back.”

Ryan Gosling (as Colt Seavers): “I’m not the hero, I’m just a double.”

Winston Duke (as Dan Tucker): “Not today you’re not.”

Ryan Gosling is the hero in “The Fall Guy.” He’s a stuntman trying to win back his bey, played by Emily Blunt.

But first, he has to track down a missing hotshot movie star tied to a conspiracy. This high flying action flick gives a peek of what the stunt world is really like.

Jim Gaffigan (as Edsel Kellogg III): “Kellogg’s is entering the race to reinvent breakfast, with the help of Steve Schwinn, Chef Boyardee and Jack Lalane.”

Amy Schumer (as Marjorie Post): “They’re stacking the deck with ringers.”

Kellogg’s versus Post. Which cereal giant would you put your money on to make a morning pastry? Well, back in the ’60s, no one knew.

Jerry Seinfeld directs, writes and stars in “Unfrosted.” This comedy is loosely based on the true story of how Pop-Tarts were invented. It shows rivalry is best served with a creamy sweet filling.

Antonia Gentry (as Jess): “Tomorrow’s prom, and we don’t have dates. I got a Brazilian, Hannah. I don’t even know what that is.”

Prom is a big deal, and having a date is an even bigger deal. Two besties help each other land their plus ones in Hulu’s “Prom Dates,” but the desperation might land them both solo.

Isabela Merced (as Aza Holmes): “Imagine being stuck in my head all the time with no break, no way out!”

Cree (as Daisy): “Watch out!”

“Turtles All the Way Down” follows a teen with OCD who falls for a guy. This drama shows how hard it is to even touch your person with this disorder.

Desiree Staples (as Xan): “No, no, no, I’m out.”

Rumer Willis (as Ren): “Did you have a sleepover with the WooWoo Twins?”

Cap Peterson (as Ezekiel): “Woooo, damn!”

Desiree Staples (as Xan): “Let’s get our kink on.”

Spliting up is hard. “My Divorce Party” shows how to make it fun with your gal pals.

This wild flick stars Rumer Willis, who helps her bestie get over her ex, no matter what it takes.

Anne Hathaway (as Solène): “I’m too old for you.”

Nicholas Galitzine (as Hayes): “No, you’re not.”

[They kiss.]

Anne Hathaway is never too old for anyone, but she is considered the cougar in “The Idea of You,” after she falls for the lead singer of her daughter’s favorite boy band.

They fall for each other, until fame gets in the way. Will their love trump the haters?

Nicholas Galitzine (as Hayes): “New dress?”

Anne Hathaway (as Solène): “No.”

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