The anatomy of love is tricky. Lucky for us, we have movies to guide us through our heart-shaped feelings. From bonding with a pup to being smitten with a bodybuilder, the theme of this week’s Showtime wraps its way around the four letter word — love — and we hope you love this story.

Mark Wahlberg (as as Mikael Lindnord): “How the hell did he get all the way from here to there? While we were on bikes, and ziplines, and running and climbing.”

Ali Suliman (as Chik): “He must have wings we don’t know about.”

Cutie stray dog Arthur must be protected at all costs, because he follows Mark Wahlberg and his adventure racing team for 10 days as their guide. “Arthur the King” is based on a true story about a selfish racer turned selfless by his furry best friend.

James Marsden (as Miles): “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to show up like this.”

Michael Keaton (as John Knox): “Do I know you?”

James Marsden (as Miles): “Dad, please.”

Michael Keaton (as John Knox): “Miles. What happened?”

James Marsden (as Miles): “This guy hurt my daughter.”

In “Knox Goes Away,” Michael Keaton is a contract killer who has a bad case of dementia. He’s counting on redeeming himself by saving the life of his estranged adult son.

Samantha Spiro (as Esther Rantzen): “Is there anyone in the audience tonight who owes their life to Nicholas Winton?”

“One Life” is the true story of Nicholas “Nicky” Winton, played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

For decades, Winton carried out secret missions to save hundreds of Jewish children from the Nazis. The flick shows World War II flashbacks of his haunting and courageous memories.

Katy O’Brian (as Jackie): “We’ll just need to fight back.”

Kristen Stewart (as Lou): “I’m going to tell them everything you ever did.”

Threatening a mob boss might not be a good idea. Kristen Stewart is Lou in “Love Lies Bleeding,” and she falls for a lady bodybuilder. When things get messy, they team up to fight a criminal family.

Zach Braff (as Gordon Kinski): “I slaughtered a little baby lamb with your father. Oh, and I also found out you and Ruby used to be lovers.”

Zach Braff catches the jealous bug in “French Girl,” and the person after his soon-to-be wifey is super chef Ruby, played by Vanessa Hudgens. She can cook and sing. Hmmm, he has a lot of compensating to do.

Lindsay Lohan (as Maddie Kelly): “She is.”

Ayesha Curry (as Heather): “Exactly. You, my friend, are marrying Paul Kennedy.”

Marrying this Kennedy is a must for Lindsay Lohan, so she makes an “Irish Wish” to be engaged with the love of her life. Until her character, Maddie, meets a dashing photographer who could change her mind.

Ed Speelers (as James Thomas): “Now is the time to speak up.”

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