Shook, bussin’ and salty are all slang terms that the young’uns use nowadays, and they perfectly describe the new flicks coming out this week. But ask Google what they mean, because we don’t have time to explain. All we can say is sit back, relax and cover yourself with a fuzzy blankie. Here’s this week’s Showtime.

Margaret Qualley (as Jamie): “They opened the box.”

Gordon MacDonald (as Cicero’s Waiter): “The case.”

Margaret Qualley (as Jamie): “And it was like really, really bad.”

Two besties go on a road trip to Florida for a change of scenery. On the way south, they get mixed up with some dummy criminals and somehow end up with a mysterious case. Ooo!

“Drive-Away Dolls” is an action-packed, raunchy comedy featuring A-listers like Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal.

One of the film’s stars, Margaret Qualley, told Deco why she thinks this movie is so important for young women.

Margaret Qualley: “I think being a woman dealing with sexuality and being in your young 20s can be kind of like embarrassing, and I feel like this is such a shameless take on that.”

Alan Ritchson (as Ed Schmitt): “I met this woman. She’s a mess.”

Nancy Travis (as Barbara Schmitt): “Perfect. She’ll fit right in.”

Hilary Swank is that messy woman in “Ordinary Angels.” This heartfelt movie is based on a true story about a hairdresser who helps a dying little girl.

She gets a whole community involved to raise money and even shovel snow. Talk about being an extreme influencer!

Hilary Swank: “I completely believe that angels are amongst all of us.”

Trevante Rhodes (as Zyair Malloy): “Mea is longing.”

Kelly Rowlan (as Mea Harper): “Mr. Malloy, I am your attorney. I am not your friend.”

Kelly Rowland is trading in her microphone for a briefcase in Tyler Perry’s “Mea Culpa”. She takes on a criminal murder case to defend a charming artist accused of killing his girlfriend. Umm, red flag.

But Kelly’s ambitious character falls for him, which isn’t a good thing.

Kelly Rowland: “Just that title alone made me nervous, to be completely transparent. But I like the fact that it made me get outside of the comfort zone.”

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