The Super Bowl isn’t the only exciting thing happening this weekend. If you’re not a sports person and looking for something to watch, Deco’s got a look at this week’s new releases.

Kathryn Newton (as Lisa Swallows): “I can’t believe you’re here. Do you love music? I have The Cure. Oh, not that kind of cure.”

‘Til death do us part. Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse are having one killer romance in “Lisa Frankenstein.”

She plays a teen goth girl, and he’s the Victorian-era corpse she accidentally brings back to life. Talk about sparks flying!

Woody Harrelson (as Paul Warren): “You wanna be a normal teenager. I got news for you. You’re not normal, Doris.”

Parker Sack (as Adam): “Who’s Doris?”

Nico Parker (as Doris): “Uh, I am.”

Being a teenager is hard enough, but it’s even tougher when you’re growing up while caring for a sick loved one.

In “Suncoast”, Nico Parker and Woody Harrelson strike up an unlikely friendship, as she tries to find balance in her personal life and being there for her dying brother.

Maria Dizzia (as Julie): “What’s the story worth?”

Jay Duplass (as Guy Laury): It’s just like a last chance.”

Maria Dizzia (as Julie): “One story.”

Jay Duplass (as Guy Laury): “It’s just room and board for free for two months.”

Read it and weep. Jay Duplass plays a one-hit author looking for inspo in the mystery thriller “Ghostwritten.”

But when he takes on a winter residency on a reclusive island, he ends up stumbling upon a decades-old murder! Dun-dun-duuun!

Fola Evans-Akingbola (as Renee): “You’re not on this flight.”

Rachel Matthews (as Suzette): “They put you on one that leaves in four hours. In economy.”

Juliet Agnes (as Ticket Agent): “You’ve just been upgraded.”

Camila Mendes (as Ana): “First class?”

Camila Mendes is flying first class in the new rom-com “Upgraded.”

And love is definitely in the air, or at least it would be, if the hottie she’s falling for didn’t accidentally mistake her for her rich boss. Cue the drama!

Andrew Schulz (as Ronnie): “Being a New Yorker means that you fight every single day. Rocky Balboa said that.”

Camila Mendes (as Ana): “Isn’t he from Philly?”

Andrew Schulz (as Ronnie): “He moved there, from Brooklyn.”

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