Doesn’t everyone want holiday movies in December? If you said yes, you’re out of luck, because this week’s flicks are more on the gory side — movies that’ll blow your mind and also make you question how nice your neighbor really is. Here comes Showtime.

Gbenga Akinnagbe (as Beggar): “What do you want?”

Pierce Brosnan (as Charlie Swift): “You. Not Breathing.”

Gbenga Akinnagbe (as Beggar): “And how are you going to do that?”

Pierce Brosnan (as Charlie Swift): “I’m doing it.”

Pierce Brosnan is “Fast Charlie,” an assassin who killed a thug and lost his head. In order to collect his mullah, the body needs a face … so the hunt is on. Heads up!

Tobin Bell (as Vincent): “This cello is a true find. For those who hear it, weep.”

“The Cello” is a Saudi horror flick. How could a musical instrument be scary, you ask? Well, because it’s cursed, and can wreak havoc when played.

Character in “The Oath”: “To resist evil. To defend your family, even unto bloodshed.”

Set in 400 A.D., “The Oath” is about a fugitive trying to save his fallen nation while being hunted by a meanie king.

That’s because he falls in love with the tyrant’s mistress. See? Love triangles existed back then.

Thomasin McKenzie (as Eileen Dunlop): “Can you imagine me with a gun?”

Anne Hathaway (as Rebecca): “That’s very good, Eileen.”

Oh, young Eileen. Point a gun at Anne Hathaway, and she’ll mess with your head.

In the thriller “Eileen,” a secretary befriends the sexy new prison psychologist, played by Hathaway. But she has mental issues of her own, and things become twisted real quick.

Yonas Kibreab (as Damian Wayne, voice): “Dad, I’m ready to be a superhero like you. Woo-hoo!”

Batman is a dad! In the animated flick “Merry Little Batman,” the Caped Crusader had to leave his baby boy to save Gotham — again.

While home alone, Damian Wayne finds out there’s a sinister plot to steal Christmas, so he turns into Little Batman.

Julia Roberts (as Amanda Sandford): “I don’t want to panic over nothing.”

Farrah Mackenzie (as Rose Sandford): “I don’t think this is nothing.”

Julia Roberts takes her family on vacay, and the world falls apart — literally.

Netflix’s “Leave the World Behind” is an apocalyptic thriller that follows two families trying to survive together — or so they thought.

Kevin Bacon (as Danny): “Whoever’s pulling the strings, wants us to finish it.”

Charlie Evans (as Archie Sandford): “We’re going to be OK, right?”

Julia Roberts (as Amanda Sandford): “Yeah.”

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