Your Deco future looks bright — bright, glamorous and full of adventure — but only if you go to the movies to see one of the stars of this week’s Showtime.

Kenneth Branagh (as Hercule Poirot): “Someone has been murdered. No one shall leave this place until I know who did it.”

Kenneth Branagh plays the once-famous detective in the murder mystery “A Haunting in Venice.” He was supposed to enjoy his retirement in Italy, but a supernatural murder happened. He has solve it …even if the dark spirits freak him out.

Character in “The Outlaw Johnny Black”: “That man is not what he pretends to be.”

“The Outlaw Johnny Black” stars Michael Jai White. He’s Johnny, a cowboy hellbent on getting revenge for his father’s murder.

But he becomes a wanted man in the process and pretends to be a preacher to throw off his hunters.

Tyler Kowalski (as Oliver): “You stole a magical video game from a bunch of gangsters?”

Character in “Camp Hideout”: “We’re going to that camp, and we’re getting what’s ours.”

In “Camp Hideout,” big city thugs are after a teen for taking a top-secret gadget. The young’un, named Noah, decides to hide out at camp, where he makes friends … and they have his back in trapping the goons after him.

Matt Berry (as Pope Leo X, voice): “Why can’t you be satisfied with painting pretty things?”

Stephen Fry (As Leonardo da Vinci, voice): “Oh, not this again.”

The animated adventure “The Inventor” tells the story of inventor and artist. Leonardo da Vinci. You know the one who painted the Mona Lisa and designed flying contraptions back in the 1500s?

He was considered crazy but gets backed by a French princess. And the rest is history.

Michael Peña (as Jose Hernandez): “Over the last 10 years, I’ve applied to the space program 12 times, and I’ve been on the verge of giving up after each and every rejection, but you know what, sir? Here I am.”

Persistence is what you need in NASA. In this biopic, Michael Peña plays Jose Hernandez, a farmer turned astronaut.

“A Million Miles Away” is a story about making your dreams possible … even if it seems to be out-of-this-world impossible.

Haley Ly Richardson (as Hadley Sullivan): “What?”

Ben Hardy (as Oliver): “I just have never seen anyone read from there before.”

Haley Ly Richardson (as Hadley Sullivan): “Well, you’re very lucky to be sitting next to me.”

“Love at First Sight,” or should we say “Love at First Flight”? Because this flick tells a story about falling in love during a plane ride to London.

But the love birds get separated without exchanging numbers. Well, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

Ben Hardy (as Oliver): “Well, I think it’s working.”

Haley Ly Richardson (as Hadley Sullivan): “What? You being charming?”

Ben Hardy (as Oliver): “No, me distracting you.”

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