Insects and canines and aliens, oh my! They’re just a few of the life forms coming your way on the big screen this weekend. In fact, you’re in for a lot more good stuff — and it’s all on display on this week’s Showtime.

Xolo Maridueña (as Jaime Reyes): “All right, let’s see if it works.”

George Lopez (as Rudy Reyes): “I wouldn’t test it.”

Bruna Marquezine (as Jenny Kord): “No, no, no!”

“Blue Beetle” is DC’s newest entry in the superhero sweepstakes.

A college student’s life gets turned upside down when he comes in contact with an ancient relic filled with alien technology. He’s not crawling around fighting crime, but he is getting the job done.

Michael Hitchcock (as Dr. Hert): “I sense some sexual tension. Not between you, the dogs. You two are gonna be grandparents.”

Two dog owners definitely do not hit it off in “Puppy Love,” but their pooches do — it’s so cute — and that gives the humans another chance to get it right.

J.B Smoove (as Pastor Amos ‘Slim Sexy’ Fowler): “Sometimes, you just wanna get wild.”

Raigan Harris (as Robin): “All I asked was to hang with my girls.”

Piper Curda (as Gia): “It’s time to hang with the guys.”

Life sure works out funny sometimes. In “Back on the Strip,” a guy goes to Las Vegas with dreams of becoming a magician.

How he ends up as a member of an all-male stripper group is the reason to watch the movie.

Alien (English translation): “With our technology, humans can enjoy a new era of prosperity.”

Tony Vogel (as Brett): “It’s not real food, they print it.”

Tiffany Haddish (as Beth Campbell): “Do you want me to cut that for you?”

Friendly aliens conquer Earth and promise everyone a better life in “Landscape with Invisible Hand.”

It doesn’t exactly work out that way. Tiffany Haddish stars in this quirky sci-fi comedy.

Hannah Gross (as Rachel): “Thank you for sacrificing so much of yourself.”

Michael Cera (as Eric): “Why does Rachel hate me?”

Hannah Gross (as Rachel): “The other way around: you hate me for it.”

Michael Cera (as Eric): “Not true.”

Hannah Gross (as Rachel): “Yes, true.”

Sophia Lillis (as Maggie): “I don’t think she’s ever processed Mom dying.”

“The Adults” stars Michael Cera, who returns home to hang with his two sisters. His past catches up with him when unresolved family issues resurface.

Will Ferrell (as Reggie, voice): “Hi there, big dogs. I’m trying to get home.”

Jimmy Tatro (as Finn the Rottweiler, voice): “I know which way that is.”

Will Ferrell (as Reggie, voice): “Oh, great.”

Jimmy Tatro (as Finn the Rottweiler, voice): “Right up my [expletive] ass, you little [expletive].”

Will Ferrell (as Reggie, voice): “No, that can’t be right.”

Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell have gone to the dogs in “Strays.”

Will voices an abandoned terrier who needs help finding his former owner. Jamie plays one of the street dogs who’s more than up for the task.

Jamie Foxx (as Bug, voice): “Hello, officer, none of us…”

Rob Riggle (as Rolf, voice): “Shut the [expletive] up!”

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