Dracula, babies, aliens, spies. What do they all have in common? To any average person, probably nothing at all, but for moviegoers, they’re all a part of this week’s Showtime.

Stafan Kapicic (as Olgaren): “Evil is on board, powerful evil.”

Aisling Franciosi (as Anna): “We call him Dracula.”

Vampires suck, and crossing an ocean with one is no pleasure cruise.

In “The Last Voyage of the Demeter,” Corey Hawkins joins the ship’s crew, just in time to sail with Dracula.

Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Alvy Novy): “You put us on a waitlist to have a baby inside of an egg.”

Emilia Clarke (as Rachel Novy): “We know it’s not an egg!”

Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Alvy Novy): “It’s an egg.”

In “The Pod Generation,” Emilia Clarke is a mom in a futuristic version of New York where babies come from pods instead of mothers.

Trouble starts when Emilia can’t bond with her pod baby, but her reluctant hubby can. He’s the pod father.

Ben Kingsley (as Milton Robinson): “And also, a UFO crashed in my backyard.”

“Jules” is like a grown-up version of “E.T.”

Ben Kingsley makes friends with an alien who’s crashed its ship in Ben’s backyard, but there could be trouble when the outside world finds out about the extraterrestrial.

Matthew Broderick (as Richard Sackler): “Pain, pleasure. If we place ourselves right there, between pain and pleasure, we will never have to worry about money again.”

Big Pharma better watch out, because Uzo Aduba is coming for ya in “Painkiller.”

The Netflix drama, based on the New York Times best-seller, tells the story of how the Sackler family made their fortune with OxyContin — but also how the family played a part of the opioid epidemic and made money on other people’s pain.

Uma Thurman (as Ellen Claremont): “You’ve done some pretty stupid things in your day, but this…”

Taylor Zakhar Perez (as Alex Claremont-Diaz): “Takes the cake? Henry shoved me!”

Uma Thurman (as Ellen Claremont): “An urge I currently share!”

After causing an international incident at a royal wedding, American boy Alex and royal Brit Henry are forced to pretend to get along for the sake of saving face in “Red, White & Royal Blue.”

When their fake friendship turns to the real thing, they soon realize they like each other more than just buds.

Taylor Zakhar Perez (as Alex Claremont-Diaz): “It’s like there’s a rope attached to my chest that keeps pulling me to you.”

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