You know what rhymes with groovy? Oh! Oh! I know this! It’s movie! And speaking of movies, you’re in luck cause there’s a bunch of new ones to check out in this week’s Showtime.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a man on a mission in Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant.

The film is set during the war in Afghanistan and Jake plays a U.S. Army sergeant who travels back to the Middle East on a solo mission to rescue the man who once saved his life.

Joaquin Phoenix is dealing with a lot in Beau Is Afraid.

He stars as the title character, who embarks on a crazy, epic journey back home after the sudden death of his mother, and let’s just say, things aren’t what they seem.

The creepy crawlers are out to play in Evil Dead Rise, and we’re not talking about bugs.

In this film, a reunion between two sisters gets cut short when flesh-possessing demons show up to ruin everything, like flesh-possessing demons usually do.

Let the music do the talking!

Chevalier is based on the true story of violinist and composer Joseph Bologne.

The film explores his rise to fame in the 1700s and his struggles with racism and an ill-fated love affair.

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans may be a dream team but he’s causing her all kinds of trouble in Ghosted.

He chases her across the pond, only to discover the girl of his dreams is a secret agent, and now, they have to save the world!

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