There are endless reasons for going to the movies — the big screen, the powerful sound, the $19 sodas — but there are also plenty of good reasons for watching films from home, like, if those are the terms of your house arrest. Here’s Showtime.

Lily Tomlin (as Lou): “Let’s go to the Super Bowl.”

Rita Moreno (as Maura): “The Super Bowl is no place for four old women.”

Lily Tomlin (as Lou): “This could be Tom’s last one. He’s almost 40; that’s like 80 in people years.”

Ladies love Tom Brady, and they’re willing to go on the adventure of their lives to prove it.

In “80 for Brady”, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sally Field and Rita Moreno make it to the big game to watch their hero in action.

Hugh Laurie (as Maurice, voice: “Don’t worry. A cat always lands on its feet. Ahh!”

Rat: “Maurice.”

Hugh Laurie (as Maurice, voice): “Amazing Maurice.”

“The Amazing Maurice” is just that: a wise-cracking feline with a get-rich-quick scheme. Too bad his plans turns out to be less than amazing.

Cliff Curtis (as Ben Bryant): “You’re a captain, got it?”

Anna Paquin (as Julie Watson): “She’ll be OK.”

Todd Lasance (as Craig Atherton): “That boat is a shockingly tiny thing to send a child to sea in.”

You think your ride to work is tough? Try being the youngest person to ever sail solo around the world.

“True Spirit” is the real-life story of 16-year old Jessica Watson, who did just that.

Adam Pally (as Charlie): “It’s me, it’s Charlie.”

Reid Scott (as Phil): “Charlie? Jesus, what are you doing here?”

Adam Pally (as Charlie): “Can I stay here?”

Jordana Brewster (as Rosie): “You already let him in?”

The answer to “Who Invited Charlie” is … nobody. When he shows up at the home of his college roommate, who’s quarantining with his family during the pandemic, things get awfully weird.

Dave Bautista (as Leonard): “Your family must choose to willingly sacrifice one of the three of you to prevent the apocalypse.”

Those are the kinds of questions you get when you answer the “Knock at the Cabin.”

A family getaway turns into a life-or-death experience for the entire world. Not exactly an easy decision.

Dave Bautista (as Leonard): “I will ask for the last time: Will you make a choice?”

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