Picking a movie from this week’s Showtime might be tough if you’re indecisive, or it might not be. I can’t decide.

Character in “Missing”: “You need to let the police handle this.”

Storm Reid (as June): “I tried! I’m not giving up on my mom.”

Storm Reid isn’t giving up on Nia Long in “Missing.” When her mother goes missing while on vacation, the teen has to get creative online to find her, before it’s too late.

See? Social media can be good for something.

Laura Dern (as Kate): “Nicholas hasn’t been to school in over a month.”

Hugh Jackman (as Peter): “I wanted to ask, how are you?”

Kids. You gotta love ’em, right?

In “The Son,” Hugh Jackman’s life is turned upside down when his ex-wife sends their teenage son, who has mental problems, to live with him and his girlfriend.

Anna Kendrick (as Alice): “I lied to him. He has every right to be angry.”

Wunmi Mosaku (as Sophie): “Lied? About what?”

Anna Kendrick (as Alice): “About being here!”

Sometimes, loving someone can be hard. Just ask Anna Kendrick. She plays a woman emotionally abused by her boyfriend in “Alice, Darling.”

John Robinson (as Handyman): “So where are you from?

Ashley Benson (as Vicky): “I’ve been living in New York for the last couple of years.”

John Robinson (as Handyman): “You’re all alone up here?”

Ashley Benson (as Vicky): “Yeah.”

“Alone at Night” finds Ashley Benson staying at a remote cabin after a bad break-up, only to discover she’s not really alone. A masked killer is keeping her company. Scary!

Julianne Moore (as Evelyn): “When you were a little boy, you were my little ally. Your life was going to be happier. You were going to be one of the good ones.”

When a mother and her teenage son can’t seem to connect, they turn to other people to find comfort. Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard star in “When You Finish Saving the World.”

Dina Meyer (as Charlotte Burnham): “Detective Knight, what do you think makes a good cop?”

Bruce Willis (as Detective James Knight): “A good cop doesn’t sleep well until everyone else can.”

Talk about a knight in shining armor. Bruce Willis must stop a crazy EMT worker in “Detective Knight: Independence.”

The problem? The guy is shooting people on the streets of Los Angeles dressed as a cop.

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