Some things are more exciting in the dark. For the purpose of staying employed, I was talking about movies. Good thing it’s time for this week’s Showtime, with new movies to enjoy in the dark … while you get your freak on.

Jamie Foxx (as Big John): “Vampire hunting is a business. Cutting necks and cashing checks.”

Jamie Foxx is just a dad trying to make ends meet for his daughter, but his job in Netflix’s “Day Shift” is anything but normal. Sure, slaying vampires is unconventional, but a job is a job.

Life is all about conquering fears and pushing limits for best friends Becky and Hunter in “Fall,” but when they climb 2,000 feet to the top of a remote radio tower, and find themselves stranded with no way down, that’s when their expert climbing skills will be put to the test.

Eli Golden (as Evan Goldman): “A bar mitzvah is the event that defines you, the Jewish Super Bowl.”

Evan Goldman is becoming a man in “13: The Musical.” He’s moving from the Big Apple to small-town Indiana, where he’ll juggle fitting in at his school by making his bar mitzvah the best party of the year.

Keith L. Williams (as Berger): “This is so tight.”

Abby James Witherspoon (as Lizzie): “It’s some kind of superhero lair.”

Momona Tamada (as Maya): “Your dad’s a superhero.”

Walker Scobell (as Charlie Kincaid): “What? No, my dad can’t handle hot wings.”

Owen Wilson has a secret, and his son is in for a shock, in Paramount plus’ “Secret Headquarters.” The fate of humanity is in the hands of Owen’s son Charlie as he and friends fight to save the world.

Amandla Stenberg (as Sophie): “Silence! Who wants to play Bodies, Bodies, Bodies?”

Amandla Stenberg plays a dangerous game in “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” a satire about a group of 20-somethings at a party gone so wrong there is no right. And nothing shows you who your real friends are like a game of survival.

Theo Rossi (as Youcef): “In the next hour, you will make $200 cash, but you have to do something illegal. You won’t be in danger, but you will be breaking the law.”

Aubrey Plaza is down on her luck and turning to a life of crime. In “Emily the Criminal,” she’s willing to do anything to get herself out of debt, even if it costs her.

Theo Rossi (as Youcef): “None of this is safe, but if you listen to exactly what I say, you’ll be fine.”

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